[News] New Noise Magazine Premieres the official video for “Mythomania” from RUSK’s upcoming album

Bicoastal Experimental/Progressive Post-Rock outfit RUSK will release their debut album, Om Improvement, through Nefarious Industries next week. The band presents the album’s third single and album’s opening track “Mythomania” with an incredibly fun video, premiered by New Noise Magazine.

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Formerly known as Post-Rock/Math-Rock duo Jerkagram, twin brothers Brent (drums) and Derek (guitar) Gaines have re-envisioned their output and returned as RUSK, joined on their new record by Ryan Pivovar (bass) and Zachary Paul (violin). The Gaines brothers have toured North America extensively for over a decade and recently made themselves known in Japan when touring to support Jerkagram‘s third LP, 2018’s “All Eyes On Me.”

RUSK‘s full-length effort “Om Improvement” is at once an orchestral melodramatic rapture and a jagged rhythmic exploration that is both loosely improvisational and meticulously crafted. With six movements embodying forty-five minutes of exploratory and entrancing music, “Om Improvement” ventures through vast reams of Rock, infusing orchestral and improvisational elements leading more into Free-Jazz, Noise Rock, and even classical music. The album sees the collective joined by friends Paul Christensen, Patrick Shiroishi, Lex Helgerson, and Jason Adams who each provide musical contributions to various songs.

Om Improvement” was recorded and mixed by the noble John McEntire (Tortoise, The Sea And Cake) at Soma Studios in the woods of northern California, with additional recording by Jason Adams, mastered by Eric Castillo, and completed with artwork by Chris Nag.

RUSK’s Brent Gaines writes: “‘Mythomania’ was really brought together with this video, animated by Rob Frese. We have worked with Rob before and our howling trek into the desert is my favorite of his yet. Paul Christensen singing in tongues as our leggy sun-friend felt like a perfect fit as well. This is the first song we wrote that’s on Om Improvement and the song which took the fastest to write, which can often be a good thing: it’s a very unleashed performance.

Watch RUSK’s hilarious video for the beautiful music of “Mythomania” first at New Noise Magazine here: https://newnoisemagazine.com/premieres/video-premiere-rusk-mythomania/

The band has created videos for every song on the album, with three more to be issued throughout the next few weeks surrounding the record’s release.

Om Improvement” will see release on all digital platforms and a super limited run of sixty frosted ice tapes on July 1, 2022. Find preorder and presave options at the Nefarious Industries landing page for the album here: https://www.nefariousindustries.com/collections/rusk-om-improvement


  1. Mythomania
  2. Cheat Day
  3. Priggish
  4. Banana Brain
  5. Aye Aye
  6. The Escaping Elk

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