[News] Obsidian Tide launch a crowdfunding campaign to reprint “Pillars Of Creation” album on limited edition vinyl

Official Obsidian Tide Press Release:

Ever since we released Pillars of Creation in 2019, we got many requests to print it on vinyl.
Every time we looked into it, we came to the conclusion that we couldn’t do it for one reason or another…
Eventually, the requests started piling up, so we decided to delve deeper into how we could make it happen regardless – and you’re looking at it!
This double-vinyl edition of Pillars of Creation will not only include all the songs originally found in the album, but also two new tracks! Just for this release, we’ll record acoustic versions of both Pillars of Creation (the song) and Portent of Betrayal! These two tracks will be EXCLUSIVE to the vinyl edition, so if you’re into rarities, don’t miss out on this one!
To commemorate our gratitude to all those who support the project, the names of all the supporters will be written on the back side of the vinyl sleeve.

12” Clear orange color vinyl (33 rpm)
Caution: Vinyl mockups and specs may differ from the final product. Qrates is not responsible if the final product does not match expectations.

A Side

01. Pillars of Creation
02. Seven
03. King of a New Realm Part I

B Side

01. King of a New Realm Part II
02. Portent of Betrayal
03. Hireath

C Side

01. The Harbinger and the Millennial Vengeance
02. Magnanimous

D Side

01. Pillars of Creation [Acoustic Version]
02. Portent of Betreyal [Acoustic Version]

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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