[News] Orpheum Black publish the official music video for the track “Strangest Dream” from upcoming album

Orpheum Black publish the single “Strangest Dream” taken from the upcoming album “Sequel(s)” to be released for better days in 2021, watch the official video below:

Sequel(s),” their debut album, is a direct sequel to the band’s debut EP, “ACT. I.” Always in search of strengthening its universe, Orpheum Black insists here on their desire to explore the registers of theater and cinema by using aesthetic codes and lexical fields which are specific to them, but also through narration. Indeed, with “Sequel(s),” they offer a concept-album written like an odyssey, narrating, chapter after chapter, the direct continuation of the adventures told in their first EP.

First Single “Strangest Dream“: This track addresses a very central theme for the next album, which is the connection and the power of bonds that can unite people to each other no matter the type of distance. The story takes place in the midst of the quest for meaning told throughout the album “Sequel(s)” and is narrated in parallel by the two protagonists of the film through the prisms of the dreams they have and that they can not explain.

The Traveler, guided by a strange sensation, finds himself drawn into the dark by an unknown yet familiar seraphic entity. The Muse, then freed from her empty prison, gradually regains her strength and pushes Le Voyageur to follow her. Blinded by his aura, he will end up himself a prisoner of this world without light.

Created in 2019, Orpheum Black was born from an alchemy between 5 experienced musicians from the Orleans landscape. In 2018, after many intense years spent with their respective groups, Romain (Guitar) and Greg (Vocals / Guitar) quit “Wild Dawn” and Mélodie (Vocals / Keyboard) quit “No Sign, Nothing”. Having already shared several sets, it was during a side project that the magic happened and they decided to reform a group.

Quickly joined by Gauthier (Bass), also playing for a long time with The Lunatiks, the line-up was complete and injected with a new vision with the arrival of Paskal (Drums). Without being at the antipodes of the past because not being able to deny this energy that animates them, it is today thanks to gripping atmospheres, soaring atmospheres and the choice to use two distinct voices that Orpheum Black conveys its emotions between a Rock melodic and powerful.

After a first year devoted to composition, the group arrives on stage in the fall of 2019 and presents in February 2020 a first EP “ACT I,” introduced by its first clip “Midnight” and continues to tell its universe with a second clip in April 2020, “Silent.”

Not letting himself be defeated by this difficult year 2020, Orpheum Black succeeded in completing the composition of his first album during the first confinement, from a distance. This tour de force allowed them to enter the studio, as planned, during the summer. “Sequel(s),” an album of 9 linked stories retracing the epic of a character in search of meaning, is ready. Through this narration and by the way in which they have constructed and shaped their sound and their music, they thus reinforce their universe combining both theater (“orpheum”) and cinema.

Orpheum Black was to go on tour at the end of the year for fifteen dates in order to defend him. However, by mutual agreement between the group and its partners, the release of the album as well as the tour are postponed until the last quarter of 2021.

To keep the music going until better times, several singles will be released. The first, “Strangest Dream”, will be unveiled on December 16, 2020. It’s accompanied by a short film produced by director Romain Evrard. Its distribution, along with the album, will be handled by Blood Blast (a subsidiary of Nuclear Blast) and promotion by the Him Media news agency.

Orpheum Black took advantage of the lockdown to complete their upcoming debut album, Sequel (s).

/ Vocals, Keyboard)
Greg / Vocals, Guitar)
Romain / Guitar
Gauthier / Bass
Paskal / Drums

Stream and Purchase the single here: https://backl.ink/143657745

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