[News] Pain Of Salvation publishes drum playthrough video by Léo Margarit of “Nihil Morari”

InsideOut Music TV has released the drum playthrough video by Léo Margarit of “Nihil Morari” a song by Pain Of Salvation from their fifth studio-album “Be,” watch the video below:

I played Nihil Morari for the first time when I pressed “record” on my pro tools system for that video recording…While I knew all about its intricacies for having listened to it just about a million times, it proved rather difficult to perform well right away…! Nonetheless it was really fun to do and I hope I’m making Johan Langell proud!” – Léo Margarit

The pre-order for both vinyl re-issues is now available here:

Read our news article about the reissue of the album “Be“:

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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