[News] Paolo Siani publish the free track “No Much Regret”

Paolo Siani’s new unreleased song, formerly a member of Nuova Idea, which finally gave birth to a new project, which evolves its own sound, associating Progressive Rock with orchestration and progressive rock, is finally available in a completely free version. feeding the instrumental component so dear to the groups that have made the history of the sector. “No Much Regret,” this is the title of the new song, showing Paolo Siani in a brilliant artistic form, which concentrates the essence of the new artistic path in just under seven minutes. The song is currently available on Youtube, associated with images, even in this case unpublished, that Paolo Siani kept kept in a drawer and extracted for the occasion. Marco Biggi took part in the project with MB ’Studio Genoa, Elena Voiello on the violin, Alex Siani with the Pitea Studio in Brighton and finally the Abbey Road Studios in London.

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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