[News] Pelagic Records announce the “Pelagic Label Night” for October 1, 2021 in Antwerp

Official Press Release from Pelagic Records:

We’re excited to announce that the latest developments of the pandemic in Europe make us optimistic that the fall will see live shows return into our depraved lives. To celebrate, we will host a Pelagic Label Night at Trix in Antwerp, Belgium, on October 1, 2021.

Coalescing around a shared vision of limitless sonic exploration and relentless heaviness, The Ocean Collective have become standard bearers for the nebulous but unstoppable post-metal movement. After their appearance at the recent Pelagic showcase at Roadburn Festival, this will be the first time ever that the German collective will be playing material off their latest “Phanerozoic II” album live in front of a crowd. Released in the middle of the pandemic, the album is the concluding episode of the ‚Phanerozoic‘ journey, a sprawling but stunningly cohesive palaeontology concept album, which entered the official German album charts at #9, even without any touring to support the release.

The Belgian Heavy music scene has impressed us ever since our trips to Vort’n Vis in the good old 90s and early 2000s, when the country spawned many great hardcore bands like Kindred, Liar, Blindfold, Facedown, Congress and the likes.

Alongside The Ocean, we’re very excited to present you Pelagic’s “Belgian Alliance“, led by the enigmatic Briqueville. Another pandemic release, their latest offering ‚Quelle‘ is „a combination of stark aesthetics and metronomic instrumentals, creating a sensory experience both emotionally driven and atmospherically rich,“ Metal Hammer (UK) raved, and Wire added: „While electronic effects are often banal ambient accents in the genre, Briqueville have a perverted understanding of this trope, reaching for sounds that feel deliciously misplaced, but not out of space.“

Psychonaut are yet another incredibly talented band from this small country. The Mechelen-based trio are currently one of the artists in residence at the venue of this event, and we’re more than stoked to find out what they have prepared for us. For a foretaste, make sure to check out their 16-minutes track „The Great Realisation“, which was just released as part of the split album „Emerald“ with Norwegian label mates Sâver. You’re in for a treat and a real assault on the senses: didgeridoos and tablas percussion blend in seamlessly with Stefan De Graef’s charismatic guitar playing, forging a truly idiosyncratic take on modern Heavy music.

Local heroes Bear are that type of band you won’t ever forget seeing live. A threat. They come to you, they confront you, they give you the feeling that you are not safe in the audience. And what a rare gift that is, in our safe world of comfort stable mediocrity, where security has become the ultimate value.

Finally, opening the night will be Hippotraktor, a new Pelagic signing featuring Stefan from Psychonaut. Their debut album will drop in October, and is bound to be one of the hottest Pelagic newcomer releases of the year.

Get in the zone, and join us in the city of Antwerp this fall! We’ll be visiting from Berlin with a car full of merch, come buy for a chat at the merch stand and buy us some nice Belgian beers!

Tickets are available here: https://bit.ly/pelagiclabelnight2021

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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