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Plesiosaurio is an Argentine band from Buenos Aires that offers Prog sounds with a retro imprinting and Symphonic traits, with the classic lineup and the addition of the flute. They have released 3 studio albums and one live, the new full-length “Archipiélago” was released on July 03, 2022 and contains 7 tracks including 3 epics between 11 and over 13 minutes in length. The long instrumental textures are at the center of the project, giving the artists the possibility to develop the themes of the songs with a retro imprinting and their own personal touch that are mixed. The traits of the bands of the Symphonic Prog made in South America of the ’70s are marked, proposed with the classic melodic vocal. In the instrumental parts I find this work more incisive and convincing than in the vocal parts, they are able to better express their Progressive character with elaborate plots. The ideas of the compositions are good and well developed, alternating more dilated passages with solo inserts where guitar and keyboard duet well. The sound in my humble opinion in some passages is a little muffled or compressed, not allowing to better express all the quality of both the compositions and the technique of the band. Listening, however, is pleasant from start to finish, managing to alternate the most intricate passages well with the more Symphonic and other more Heavy ones. The band is able to bring the most classic sounds of Latin American Prog to our regions, with the sung in Spanish that joins the music as always. When present, the flute adds quality to the tracks, giving greater stylistic solutions and fitting well into the context of the sound. Good mixes between guitar and keyboard, with the rhythmic session always solid and elaborate, enriched by precise and well-constructed tempo changes. After repeated listening, the album always offers interesting hints and ideas, revealing new nuances and transmitting good sensations and bringing us back to the atmosphere of retro prog. A good listening, recommended for lovers of the more symphonic sounds of Prog, with references to the bands that have characterized the scene in South America.


01. La Voluntad de Neptuno (12:57)
02. Purpurina (04:39)
03. El Hijo del Rey de la Crema (11:07)
04. El Monstruo (06:52)
05. Niño del bosque (13:08)
06. El Martillar del Reptil Gigante (09:17)
07. Ladrón de Pastos (01:30)


Juan Junqueras / Guitar and Voice
Miguel Rivera López / Bass
Javier Roulet / Keyboards
Juan Pablo Sosa / Drums, Flute and Voice

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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