[News] Polymerase share the official music video for the track “Blade Of The Demon God” from new album

Quezon City, Philippines based Stoner/Psychedelic Rock trio Polymerase has shared the official music video for “Blade Of The Demon God” taken from their latest album “Dreams & Realities I,” out on February 03, 2023 via Electric Talon Records, Sliptrick Records and Prince Of The Arrow Records. Watch the viedo through the YouTube player below:

β€œHe who wields the Blade of the Demon God will cut and bleed the rise of the middle kingdom”

The track that was inspired by the phrase β€œgetting a taste of their own medicine.” This is using a weapon of evil to fight evil, fangs to battle out the horns, using the negatives to achieve a more positive outcome.

Dreams & Realities I” is the first part of the double release by Polymerase. It is a story about introspection of oneself while imagining the journey in outer space. It is an 8-track album divided by tacks with lyrics and the instrumental versions on the later half. “Dreams & Realities I” will be available in CDs, cassette tapes, and digital format on Electric Talon Records.

The lyrics of “Dreams & Realities I” involve Psychedelic experiences and visual trips that involve emotions experienced during the episode of optical visions. Each track is a product of a certain trip, enlightened and put into musical art. The album is a first part experience of the “Dreams And Realities” project wherein there is a hazy connection within the dream world and the waking world. The album is the product of that ideas that the objects of dreams can manifest into realities.

Produced by Vincent Jose & Polymerase. Guitars of tracks 1-2-3 recorded at Glasston Studio, guitars of track 4 recorded at Prince of the Arrow Records Studio. Vocals of tracks 1-2 recorded at Glasston Studio, vocals of tracks 2-3 recorded at Prince Of The Arrow Records Studio. Bass recorded by Bobbi Legaspi in his home studio. Drums of tracks 1-2-3 recorded at Glasston Studio, drums of track 4 recorded by Fabio Alessandrini in his studio. Mixing and mastering at Glasstone Studio. Artwork by Polymerase and Ilham Maulana.


Polymerase started in 2014 in Quezon City, Philippines with brothers Vincent and VN but because of life, the band has been set aside. They made a couple of recordings but was lost into the abyss when their computer got corrupted and they were not able to harvest their saved files. It was only in 2020 during the pandemic, during their conversations in messenger when VN reminded Vincent about their long-forgotten band. So, with boredom in quarantine, the latter immediately went into a meditative state and went riffing to make a new recording. He then posted it on Facebook to look out for any free drummer friend to add the drum beats. Then, Francis, a former drummer bandmate of Vincent messaged and tried putting beats for Polymerase. After exchanging emails and ideas, their first demo was created. The sound they constructed ranges from the genres of Psychedelic-Doom, Sludge, Space Rock, Stoner Metal, and everything in between. And, they named it “Unostentatious” and was released on Bandcamp on March 2021. They were able to release a music video for their single “A Night With A Succubus” and was collaborated with metal producer Misstigq from Australia.

It was in the middle part of 2021 when Vincent started creating tracks for their upcoming EP. Unfortunately, Francis left the Philippines to have a greener Pasteur in the UK. VN had problems with his personal life and had to deal with his responsibilities with his work as a seafarer and went Awol in Polymerase. At that time Ziggy, a drummer friend was able to give a hand and was able to record three songs on their project. To include, Vincent was able to contact a good friend from Doom Metal acts Malicious Birth, Surrogate Prey, Basalt Shrine who could play bass and record the project in the person of Bobby Legaspi. Due to other responsibilities Ziggy was not able to finish the recording. It was then when Vincent, decided to look over the internet and found drummers who would be able to spare their talents to finish the project entitled “Dreams And Realities” I and II. The drummers he found were: Fabio Allesandrini of the Thrash Metal act Annihilator, Krzystof Klingbein who do sessions for Vader, and James Koerl; a graduate from Berkley College of Music. For their current line-up Polymerase was able to recruit Eugene Castro from the thrash metal band Man Monster Machine and hardcore act Unburdened to play the drums for their live performances.

The project will be released under Eletric Talon Records in the US, Sliptrick Records in the US and Europe, and Prince Of The Arrow Records in the Philippines but will be distributed by Bear’s Den Records.

Order “Dreams & Realities I” here:


1. Space Carousel
2. The Sage
3. Blade of the Demon God
4. Evil Hand
5. Space Carousel (Instrumental)
6. The Sage (Instrumental)
7. Blade of the Demon God (Instrumental)
8. Evil Hand (Instrumental)

Vincent Jose
/ Vocals, Guitars
Bobby Legaspi / Bass
Eugene Castro / Drums

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Electric Talon Records |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Sliptrick Records |Official Website|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|Spotify|YouTube Channel|

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