[News] Pomegranate Tiger published the official music video for “Metasphere” taken fromupcoming album

Acclaimed solo prog metal instrumentalist Pomegranate Tiger returns, with his first new album in eight years – the mindmelting “All Input Is Error,” to be released September 07th, 2023. the artist shared the official music video for the new single “Metasphere,” watch it through the YouTube player below:

Metasphere is about the battle between humans & AI over our entire world of art – what art is & what is considered art, our place in it all, and if we can all fit in here together.

Is human art the only kind of art that exists? why or why not? what is the definition of art? Should AI have a role in making art? Should it be helping artists create? Can you call AI art…well art?

Metasphere literally translates to “Métis” & “Sfyri” in greek, with “Métis” referring to the goddess of Wisdom, Good Council & cunning, while “Sfyri” quite literally meaning “hammer”. Hammers are rich in symbolism and are known to personify building and creating and thus in short // MetaSphere // The wise cunning hammer refers to the intelligent yet sharp & potentially dangerous “modern tool” A.I. can be in our society.

digging even deeper…What is the appropriate way to interact with this technology?
Facts we know:

  1. We can’t stop AI.
  2. It will heavily change and displace the work force & communities, artists alike around the entire world.
  3. Soon AI, and then AGI will be better at EVERYTHING than humans do.
  4. Where does this leave us? Where will we look to for meaning in our lives if not from our work?

Quite literally, AI experts predict in less than 10 years, any input by humanity into any certain domain of world knowledge will be futile. (All Input is Error) AI will make new discoveries…far greater than any human. Will it also make the greatest known music & art known to mankind? Will we as people accept this? Will it eventually be the norm?

We are quite literally at the iPhone 1 moment, within the scope of AI’s entire history. The next 10 years is COMPLETELY UNIMAGINABLE. Buckle up!

Pre-Order the album here: https://bio.site/pomegranatetiger


01. Devils To Ourselves
02. Dagger Dance
03. The Great Filter
04. Poison Pill
05. The Cryptographer
06. Metasphere
07. Burn The Spirit
08. False Dawn
09. All Input Is Error
10. Keyways

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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