[News] Pomegranate Tiger released double single “Dagger Dance” & “Devils To Ourselves” from new album

Windsor, Ontario based Instrumental Progressive Metal project Pomegranate Tiger released double single “Dagger Dance” & “Devils To Ourselves” from upcoming new album “All Input Is Error” out on September 04, 2023.

Watch the official music video for the track “Dagger Dance” through the YouTube player below:

Dagger Dance” is a primitive exemplification of the idea that playing with & developing artificial intelligence & new civilization changing technologies can be very dangerous and akin to playing with fire – or knives in this case. The truth is we don’t really know what we are messing with when it comes to AI just yet and it’s full consequences on society at large. The dagger represents AGI. The black rose represents the dark side of humanity tinkering with these technologies.

Watch the official music video for the track “Devils To Ourselves” through the YouTube player below:

This video is about the creative process… Not in a way that exaggerates a tormented artist, but the realistic approach of an idea quietly consuming your thoughts. The early phase of creation sneaks its way into all aspects of your day.
This song has 3 main sections, andthe return of a calmer chorus after the heavy interlude should be pictured as a visualization of an “a-ha!” moment. The complete picture suddenly explodes in the creators’ mind. The return to the chorus after such a short and brutal burst felt akin to re-visiting initial ideas.

We can be our own worst enemy during the creation process, better yet maybe even “Devils To Ourselves.” What we imagine in our heads while making art is often different from the final product…This video isn’t about dramatic sets or complex characters. It is just shows the artists themselves, Martin & Matt in their own homes as they try to work through the song they are trying to create.

What does creating a song look like from the outside? Do bursts of ideas seem obvious beyond the mind of the artist? Imagine working on a piece of music that you clearly imagine, but you struggle between excitement and self doubt. The everyday routines might continue, but the grandeur of creation still slips through the cracks.

Pomegranate Tiger’s double single release “Devils To Ourselves” & “Dagger Dance” are out now. Purchase and Stream here: https://bio.site/pomegranatetiger

Pre-Order the album here: https://bio.site/pomegranatetiger


01. Devils To Ourselves
02. Dagger Dance
03. The Great Filter
04. Poison Pill
05. The Cryptographer
06. Metasphere
07. Burn The Spirit
08. False Dawn
09. All Input Is Error
10. Keyways

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