[News] “Prog And Mushroom: Rock Progressivo e natura a Cascina Caremma” in Besate (MI) on September 17, 2021

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Friday September 17, 2021 in the Parco del Ticino in Besate (MI) the new edition of the original happening between music, culture and well-being. Participants Attic Silence, Simone Baldini Tosi and the historic CFC Band.

Prog And Mushroom: Rock Progressivo e natura a Cascina Caremma

Cascina Caremma
Ams Records
Radio Popolare

are pleased to present:


Friday September 17, 2021
from 19.00
Cascina Caremma
Via Cascina Caremma, 2
Besate (MI)

Free admission

On Friday September 17, 2021 Prog And Frogs returns to Cascina Caremma (Besate – MI), an autumn edition of resistance and testimony entitled Prog And Mushrooms. Reappeared after a year of forced break, it is one of the most original exhibitions on the Italian scene, an unmissable appointment in the name of progressive culture and inner well-being. Not a simple musical happening but something more: Prog And Frogs recovers the atmosphere, spirit and mood of the 60s and 70s festivals, when music linked meditation, art, culture and protest. Cascina Caremma is an extraordinary location: immersed in the Parco del Ticino, it started in 1988 with the conversion of the land to the organic production method, which over the years has become an appreciated agritourism but above all a laboratory of ideas and initiatives for the protection and the enhancement of the territory.

From 7.00 pm on the barn of the Cascina, with free admission, three musical proposals will alternate that reflect the ancient love for Prog. At the opening, the mysterious Attic Silence, a quartet in disguise, already known in the Prog-Rock scene with its real name, which offers a selection of acoustic songs, ranging from 70s prog hits to some modern new proposals.

Following Simone Baldini Tosi, songwriter and composer, original interpreter of the songwriting, voice of Moongarden. After the collaboration with Sandro Luporini and three years of song theater with the historical musicians of the same Gaber, Baldini Tosi proposes for the first time the material of his album “Dietro La Perfezione,” recently published by Materiali Sonori.

Grand finale with the CFC Band, a historical formation born in the spring of 1974 thanks to the love for Genesis, which they paid homage with passion by becoming one of the most prolific cover bands of Genesis and of the most prolific national and international prog in western Milan. At the end of the golden decade, the CFC Band disbanded during the advance of the new wave, will reform many years later, when Lorenzo, Giancarlo, Sergio, Gabriele and Mira will meet together with the same passion of the 70s.

Prog And Frogs was born from the commitment of three different realities, united for a common goal: the entrepreneurship in the territory of Gabriele Corti (Cascina Caremma), the independent and Progressive discography of Matthias Scheller (AMS Records), the radio experience of Renato Scuffietti (Radio Popolare). Mox Cristadoro, journalist and writer, presents the evening. A treat for fans of Progressive Rock and cuisine: a bookable set menu, a choice between the Tarkus menu and the strictly vegetarian menu I Talk To The Wind.

Prog And Frogs official: http://www.progandfrogs.com

Cascina Caremma: http://www.caremma.com

AMS Records: http://www.ams-records.it/

Radio Popolare: http://www.radiopopolare.it

Synpress44: http://www.synpress44.com

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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