[News] Prog/Power band Illusory publish the fifth single “A Poem I Couldn’t Rhyme” from the new album

Prog/Power band Illusory publish 5th single entitled “A Poem I Couldn’t Rhyme” from the album “Crimson Wreath,” out now via Rockshots Records. Watch the official lyric video through the YouTube player below:

What is the worst nightmare you ever had?

The following can be a question. Or is it the affirmative rhyme?

An incubus crouched on your chest. A darkened horse. A

sweating canvas portraying disharmony within perfect silence.

A war raging inside a dream.

Illusory’s fifth video is being unwrapped around “A Poem I Couldn’t Rhyme” taken off the band’s third album, “Crimson Wreath,” released on May 21, 2021 via Rockshots Records, this is a reminder of a motif painted with the brightest colors, yet surrounded by a halo of Erebus.

Taking a look inside me, I only see a glimpse of my youth

Seeking a place to hide me, I need to stay away from the truth

Heaving riffing, mid tempo endoskeleton, speed variations and climaxes, intriguing orchestration. Much like Henry Fuseli’s painting “The Nightmare,” this storyboard is all about the subject that’s waking up whilst the bad dream has just begun.

Illusory’s illusions are taking over.

Lyric Video by Manos Fatsis

Artwork by Panagiotis “Hammer” Sfiris

Illusory‘s “Crimson Wreath” is available at the following link: http://bit.ly/CrimsonWreathCD  

1. Besetting Sins (5:01)
2. Acedia (2:11)
3. Crimson Wreath (6:35)
4. Immortal No (4:25)
5. All Shall Fade (1:51)
6. All Blood Red (5:48)
7. The Voice Inside Me (1:28)
8. S.T. Forsaken (8:08)
9. Ashes To Dust (5:51)
10. A Poem I Couldn’t Rhyme (4:22)
An Opus Of Loss And Sorrow:
11. Pedestal I: Past Forever Last  (6:07)
12. Pedestal II: The Isle Of Shadows (9:08)
13. Pedestal III: Agony’s Last (6:53)
14. Fortress Of Sadness (10:04)
Album Length: 1:18:00

Dee Theodorou / Vocals 
George Papantonis – Guitars 
Greg Bakos / Guitars 
Niki Danos / Bass 
Makis Vandoros / Keyboards 
Costas Koulis / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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