[News] Reegonetti Band published the official lyric videofor the tarck “Ghost In The Crowd” from new album

Swedish Progressive Rock act Reegonetti Band published the official lyric videofor the tarck “Ghost In The Crowd” from new album “Songs From The Raven​´​s Nest” out on May 24, 2024. Watch the video through the Youtube player below:

Reegonetti Band is now back with their second album titled “Songs From The Raven’s Nest.” The duo has crafted an album that is both darker and heavier.

It’s a more purebred Progressive Rock album compared to its predecessor “Exploring the Unknown,” which flirted with Fusion, Pop and Folk Music. This time around, the duo has tried to build their music cinematically around each song’s theme. They have chosen to explore all the darkness surrounding us, hence the dark themes of egoism, death, anxiety, and loneliness.

Yeah, they’re not cheerful themes,Börje chuckles. “But it’s interesting to write songs from subjects that don’t always revolve around fluffy clouds and love.

We’ve consciously aimed to be more faithful to prog rock than before,” says Ronald. “The first album was more or less a summary of songs from three centuries ago, which also resulted in the album feeling a bit scattered.”

Yeah, despite this, we also had successes with ‘Reach For The Sky’, ‘Hold On’, and ‘Into Oblivion’ which were played quite a bit on prog radio stations around Europe.”

Even the number of songs has decreased since last time.

Yeah, that’s right,” says Börje. “When we have such long tracks, it becomes unsustainable to have many songs on the album, it gets boring. The idea that an album should have 10-13 songs is a relic from the decade of CDs. We think 7 songs are enough. Especially since the song ‘Chicxulub’ is almost 15 minutes long.

It’s a good example of how we’ve worked with the music this time,” says Ronald. “It’s like a little mini-movie trying to describe the event that led to the last mass extinction on Earth 65 million years ago.

And let’s not forget that part two of our story about our lone astronaut appears in the song ‘The Dark’. Part one was the song ‘Into Oblivion’ on the previous album. So, yes, the songs and the way they are structured are thematic and not particularly tailored for top charts,Börje laughs.

We hope listeners have patience with our instrumentation and don’t dismiss us because we choose to play progressive rock with only keyboards and drums. We’ve been dissed for the simple reason that Ronald plays synthesizers instead of guitar, which is a bit funny. It’s as if some people think he’s trying to imitate a guitar solo with his keytars, which is completely wrong,” says Börje. “Anyone with even the slightest insight into how such an instrument works knows how flawed such reasoning is.”

Reegonetti Band has evolved and refined their sound since last time, but listeners will still recognize them, Ronald believes.

Yeah, it’s not an entirely new band you hear on this album. We’re starting from the same place as before, atmospheres, storytelling, and slightly complicated rhythms.” “Exactly,” says Börje. “Pretentious intricate music with catchy refrains!

Purchase the album on Bandcamp: https://reegonettiband.bandcamp.com/album/songs-from-the-raven-s-nest


  1. A Place Of Dread (4:28)
  2. Star In The Sky (6:26)
  3. Ghost In The Crowd (7:47)
  4. Black Heart (7:34)
  5. The Dark (Part 2 Of Into Oblivion) (8:40)
  6. Liar´s Ball (7:08)
  7. Chicxulub (14:43)


Ronald Vikström / Keyboards, Piano, Organ
Börje Reinholdsson / Drums, Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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  1. This is a hidden gem among unique new prog-acts! If you’re into keyboard-heavy progressive tunes and theme-based songs, you should give this band a chance.

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