[News] Sans Lumière unveil the official music video for the single “Mirin Dajo” from upcoming album

Eindhoven, Netherlands based Post-Metal/Sludge/Stoner one-man project Sans Lumière unveil the official music video for the single “Mirin Dajo” from upcoming album taken from upcoming third album “Mirin Dajo Prophecy” seto to release on July 06, 2023. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

Sans Lumière Biography:

Sans Lumière is composer and multi-instrumentalist Maarten van Helden located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Post-Metal, Sludge and Stoner influences are combined into a massive, hard-hitting sound that belies the fact that only one person is responsible for the Wall of Sound.

Release of the album “Mirin Dajo Prophecy” and the single “Mirin Dajo” Dark instrumental music with abrasive melodies are alternated with head-nodding riffs and soundscapes shaped by moments of Dark brooding Doom. Albeit made by a single person, the album “Mirin Dajo Prophecy” by Sans Lumière oozes a band in their sweaty rehearsal room.

Although instrumental by nature, song titles became an important influence on the composition. Most titles refer to persons with hardships in their lives, often resulting in their unfortunate death. The single “Mirin Dajo,” and album title, are an ode to the only person to ever scientifically prove his immortality. The music video is as astonishing as disturbing.

Pre-Order the album on Bandcamp: https://sanslumiere.bandcamp.com/album/mirin-dajo-prophecy


01. Mirin Dajo
02. Eben Byers
03. Torre Bert
04. David Reimer
05. Rosermary Kennedy
06. Yvan Colonna
07. James Barry
08. La femme sans tête
09. Malleus Maleficarum

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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