[News] Saturna reveal the first single “Your Whimsical Selfishness” from their upcoming new album

Saturna are back, and that’s always synonymous with “great album.” “The Reset,” the fifth full-length album by what is probably the most solid band in Spain in terms of Hard Rock and Heavy classics, will be released on December 1st, 2023. “Your Whimsical Selfishness” is their first single and it’s already available, stream it through the YouTube player below:

Purchase and Stream the track here: https://songwhip.com/saturna/your-whimsical-selfishness

Let’s be honest: when you receive a private listening of a yet-to-be-released album and you can’t stop listening to it over and over again, you know you’re in for something very powerful. Well, something similar has been the response to the email we sent a couple of weeks ago with Saturna‘s new studio work. The Barcelona band have earned themselves a privileged position at the national level in terms of Hard Rock and Heavy Rock with Psychedelic and classic tinges (alongside bands like Kashmir, Bourbon, Electric Alley or Zålomon Grass) thanks to their impeccable work and epic live shows.

The album is called “The Reset” and will be released through Spinda Records, in collaboration with Discos Macarras, on Friday 1st December, although the advance single “Your Whimsical Selfishness” is available from today, and the album is available for pre-order in both physical and digital formats – and pay attention because the latter includes the live bonus tracks “A National Acrobat” by Black Sabbath, “Come Together” by The Beatles, “Five To One” by The Doors and “Who Knows” by Jimi Hendrix.

It is evident that the band formed in Barcelona back in 2010 has had time to compose and mature what -we already told you- is their best album, and with an important difference. Everything sounds more compact and more real, and there is no doubt that its members have grown enormously as musicians.

Saturna are very happy with ‘The Reset’. In this new album you will find a combination of hard rock, psychedelia, acoustic moments and full throttle riffs. We consider this fifth album our most varied work. We’re really looking forward to it reaching a lot of people.

Saturna arrived at the Analog Drive-in Studios with around 25 demos prepared since the release of “Atlantis” in 2019, and from there they came out with the 10 songs that were later mixed by their usual collaborator Dani Pernas, mastered at Doctor Master and that finally make up “The Reset,” an album whose artwork is the work of Jondix (regular collaborator of bands like Tool). And all this happened at the same time that in 2020 James Vieco released his studio album “Nimaya,” and a few months later in 2021 his particular “Unplugged at RockSound;” in 2022 they participated in the boxset “Grados. Minutes. Segundos.” boxset on Spinda Records with the single “Volver A Empezar” (their first and only song in Spanish so far), as well as releasing a split with Electric Monolith for Ripple Music; and not forgetting Rod‘s first solo album and his album with James Vieco and Isaiah Mitchell (Earthless) – both still to be released.

Pre-Order the album on bandcamp: https://spindarecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-reset


  1. Your whimsical selfishness
  2. The never ending star
  3. Smile
  4. December’s dust
  5. Into the sun
  6. A few words to say
  7. The sign
  8. Made of stone
  9. On fire
  10. A way to reset

The Reset” is released on Friday, December 01, 2023 on digital, compact disc and a double vinyl edition, limited to 100 copies in black and 200 copies in translucent green, which can be Pre-Ordered now.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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