[News] Sinisthra release the single “Eterne” from upcoming album

The Finns Sinisthra, who see the singer Tomi Joutsen of Amorphis among their ranks, have released the new single and video of “Eterne,” a song taken from the new album “The Broad and Beaten Way” to be released next May 15th on Rockshots Records.

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Drummer Erkki Virta comments on the song: ”Eternal ‘is the most direct song on the album, totally the opposite of the first single’ Closely Guarded Distance ‘. It is the first track on the disc and lays the foundation for what happens next, expulsion from Eden and all the things that inevitably change. The video was shot in a ruined house that was my home as a child. This solidifies the fact that things cannot be changed even if some echo of the past remains the same.

The album arrives 15 years after the debut album “Last of the Stories of Long Past Glories”, and its production has been a slow and full of pitfalls. The songs have been written over the years while other projects, above all the presence of the singer Tomi Joutsen in the Amorphis, have had the upper hand.

The pre-orders of ‘The Broad And Beaten Way’ is available at the following links:

CD: http://bit.ly/Sinisthra_CD
DIGITAL (iTunes): https://bit.ly/Sinisthra_digital

The previous video ‘Closely Guarded Distance’: https://youtu.be/NPj88uE-BuA

Track Listing:
1. Eterne (4:19)
2. Closely Guarded Distance (13:10)
3. Halfway To Somewhere Else (7:43)
4. Morning Frail (5:56)
5. Safe In The Arms of The Everlasting Now (7:26)
6. Ephemeral (4:05)
Album Length: 42:43

Album Credits:
Music by Markku Mäkinen
Vocal lines by Tomi Joutsen
Lyrics by Erkki Virta

Sinisthra is:
Tomi Joutsen – Vocals
Markku Mäkinen – Guitar
Erkki Virta -Drums
Timo Vainio – Keyboards
Marko Välimäki – Guitar
Janne Telen – Bass

For more info:

SINISTHRA comes from Finland and has been in various stages of existence since 1999. Their style of music is basically metal, drawing from a wide source of different influences and blending them to a sound that can’t really be compared to any one single band. Always quite melancholic, most of the time quite heavy, and often with strong shades of 70’s prog with lesser shades of 90’s grunge.

The name SINISTHRA derives from the Italian word sinistra, meaning “the left side” and representing the allegory of creativity, femininity, individuality and general free-thinking pathways of the Left Hand, without the hollow “satanic” or any other religious connotations. The lyrics veer away from most commonly used themes and focus heavily on more personal and intimate subjects. Sinisthra is all about contrasts, frail yet crushing, sad yet content, silent but roaring. Melancholy without utter despair. Darkness tinged with light. Gravel covered with honey. The only dogma is never to acknowledge musical boundaries, and never to use the words “love” and “death” in the lyrics.

The band released one album in 2005, called “Last Of The Stories Of Long Past Glories” to favourable reviews and got labeled “gothic metal”, somewhat misleadingly, but as the singer Tomi Joutsen joined Amorphis, his career skyrocketed and Sinisthra’s didn’t, so due to lack of time from his part, things slowed down.

Now Sinisthra has completed their second album “The Broad And Beaten Way” and are ready to finally release it. The road has been long, winding and mostly uphill, and promises to remain so in the future as well.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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