[News] Sintesi Del Viaggio Di Es published the title-track of the new album “Gli Alberi Di Stavropol”

Italian Progressive Rock band Sintesi Del Viaggio Di Es published the the title-track of the new album “Gli Alberi Di Stavropol” out on January 17, 2022 via Lizard Records. Stream the single through the YouTube player below:

Official press release from Lizard Records:

Gli alberi di Stavropol,” here is the new album.
Now consolidated heirs of the historic Sithonia band !!
An elegant, poetic crossroads between italian Progressive Rock from the 70s, Prog-Folk tints and songwriting attitudes.
Almost a concept album and as in the debut (“Il sole alle spalle” 2017) a splendid suite could not be missing, this time the 14 minutes of “Il Viaggio di Es

About Sithonia, the sound is distinguished by the thematic-compositional fulcrum of Valerio Roda (bass), by the characteristic voice of Marco Giovannini (both historical members of the band from Bologna) and by the notable guitar contribution of Sauro Musi (he played in the album “Hotel Brun “). Eleonora Montenegro (flute), Maurizio Pezzoli (keyboards) and Nicola Alberghini (drums) complete the sextet. Also worth mentioning is the presence of Barbara Rubin’s violin in the ecstatic instrumental piece “Adria” and the diatonic accordion of Maria Grazia Ponziani in the second instrumental “Grazie per gli anni e per i giorni.”

Stavropol, a Russian city in the North Caucasus at the foot of Mount Elbrus. A green city with many trees, a city with a lot of wind. At night the wind moves the trees and the trees whisper to each other, talk, comment on the things of the world and the fantastic and the real merge. I hear them from my room on Moskovskaya, and I hear their voices flowing towards Dobroljubova but I still don’t understand. What are they preparing?

In this album, Es’s journey starts from a smoky place, where memories dissolve and continues to St. Petersburg, Moscow, to arrive in Stavropol. Past and present confront each other, pains and joys confront each other in a continuous alternation. In between our desires and our aspirations.
Have a nice trip !!

Purchase the album here: http://www.lizardrecords.it/


  1. Come le Foglie (Parte 1) (2:54)
  2. Gli Alberi di Stavropol (5:26)
  3. Regina in Lacrime (6:39)
  4. L’eta d’Oro (4:39)
  5. Adria (2:15)
  6. Una Nuova Passeggiata (6:46)
  7. Come le Foglie (Parte 2) (2:53)
  8. Strade di Fango (3:54)
  9. Grazie per Gli Anni e per i Giorni (3:22)
  10. Il Viaggio di Es (14:08)


Nicola Alberghini / Drums
Marco Giovannini / Voice
Eleonora Montenegro / Flute
Sauro Musi / Guitar
Maurizio Pezzoli / Keyboards
Valerio Roda / Bass, Bass Pedals

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Lizard Records |Official Website|Facebook Page|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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