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Official Press Release:

For Episode #49 we chat with Camel bassist Colin Bass. Time stamps for each subject are below in the comments. He fills us in on his latest doings, musical and otherwise. Then, we take a look at his earliest musical influences/loves, early bands, basses and gear. Next, the bands he was in prior to Camel, including playing with Gong‘s Steve Hillage. His time with Camel and a look at the albums he was part of is next, and even a couple he wasn’t. He shares memories of recording each and fave/standout tracks. We also discuss his work with world music catalysts 3 Mustaphas 3 and a look at Colin‘s major hit in Indonesia, Denpasar Moon. The future of Camel music is discussed and Colin reminds us that only Andy Latimer can really say if it will happen. Maybe someday we will get a chance to ask him.

Watch the fulle episode on the YouTube player below:

The lineup of the program:

0:00:00 Introduction and Colin’s current doings
4:43 A look at his earliest musical memories
9:39 His first guitar and early bands
16:18 Moving to bass with the Velvet Opera
17:18 His first Fender P bass and why he prefers them over the Jazz bass. Talk of amps too…
18:50 His preference for strings- Rotosound
26:18 Playing with Gong’s Steve Hillage in support of his L album
27:00 A look at the bands on the pub rock scene at the time
27:59 A look at his early bass influences
32:59 More Hillage talk
37:15 His introduction to Camel and the Hillage connection
58:41 Discussion about the I Can See Your House From Here album 1:05:00 The Nude album
1:09:51 The Single Factor album
1:11:31 The Stationary Traveler album
1:13:24 The Dust and Dreams album
1:16:00 The Habour of Tears album
1:21:00 His time as part of world music pioneers 3 Mustaphas 3.
1:30:28 The Rajaz album
1:33:00 The A Nod and A Wink album
1:46:53 A look at the possibility of new Camel music, but no definitive answer without Andy
1:51:06 Colin’s new album/project w/Daniel Brio- “Still”
1:53:47 His Indonesian pop crooner hit Denpasar Moon and his alter-ego Shabah Habas Mustapha
2:01:10 A look at his solo album An Outcast of The Islands (w/Andy Latimer)
2:02:52 Closing remarks

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