[News] Spillage reveal the official lyric video for the track “Rise of Machines” from their upcoming album

Chicago, Illinois based Heavy/Doom Metal band Spillage has published the official lyric video for the track “Rise of Machines” taken from their fourth full-length album “Phase Four,” which just dropped on September 8th, 2023 via Qumran Records and No Dust Records. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

In 2013, Spillage was born from a vision of guitarist Tony Spillman. Initially conceived as a musical “project,” Spillage developed into a solid riff-Rock band, with its roots firmly planted in Hard Rock, Blues, Jazz and other musical influences inherent in its members. Spillage band members have known each other for the most part, since childhood playing in various bands in the Chicago suburbs for nearly 40 years. Tony Spillman had been touring with Earthen Grave for 5 years when Earthen Grave disbanded in 2013. Tony decided to fully focus on bringing his vision to life, creating Spillage with drummer Chris Martins in April 2013. Drawing from songs written by Tony in his younger days, Spillage released their debut album “Spillage” featuring Lothar Keller (The Skull, Sacred Dawn) on vocals, Nick Bozidarevic on guitar, Willie Max (Mudfish) on bass and featured guest musician Bruce Franklin (Trouble) on guitar and backing vocals on several tracks on the 2015 release. Paul Rau played keyboards on the album but did not tour with the band at that time.

Lothar and Willie left Spillage in 2015 to pursue other musical projects, and Billy McGuffey who was friends with several band members, joined on bass. Spillage was scheduled to play the Maryland Doomfest in 2016, and through connected circles, Tony offered Elvin Rodriguez (a singer from the Philadelphia area) an opportunity to learn their songs and audition for the band. Elvin basically had his audition during the Doomfest, quickly learning their songs prior to taking the stage, and effortlessly performed to a thrilled audience! Needless to say, Elvin became the new singer for Spillage and the band lineup remains unchanged. In January 2019, Spillage released their 2nd album, “Blood Of Angels,” which was well-received worldwide.

As the world faced the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, Spillage continued to forge ahead writing epic new songs for their 3rd album “Electric Exorcist” which showcased a more mature, developed, and collaborative songwriting process while continuing to develop their evolving Spillage style. Despite their plans to tour in Europe being cancelled due to travel restrictions during the pandemic, Spillage successfully released “Electric Exorcist” in late October 2021 and they hit the ground running, bringing their fun and energetic performances to fans locally at the end of 2021 and made appearances in several US festivals and shows during the summer of 2022. Spillage recorded their performance during Riff Fest in July 2022, and their new “Spillage Live!” digipak became available March 31, 2023 to appease fans until their 4th album is scheduled to be released on September 8, 2023 (CD/Digital formats, Vinyl in Nov 2023) in celebration of ten years of Spillage!

Spillage has weathered decades of changes in the music industry. Diligent, professional, and committed to bringing their unique style of music to their fans, Spillage is a force to be reckoned with, earning accolades and increasing their fanbase worldwide! Blending complex keyboard melodies with tight dual-guitar harmonics, progressive bass lines complimenting Heavy hitting drums that set a solid foundation for a distinctive vocal style has secured Spillage in the realm of original, one-of-a-kind music category that defies explanation. The creative and respected bond that the members of Spillage share, catapults them into a level of musical fellowship envied by most, but maintained by few. Spillage fans know, you just can’t stop listening to their music, their catchy riffs and meaningful lyrics will stand the test of time as music that offers something for everyone!

The new album “Phase Four” was co-produced by Bruce Franklin from the band Trouble and also features Bruce on backing vocals for the track “Nothing To See.”

Phase Four” is available via Qumran Records (US) and No Dust Records (outside the US) on September 08, 2023.

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About new music video for “Phase Four,” the band comments: “Phase Four conceptualized science gone wrong by using it for power over humanity and questioning if this is the ‘end of days’. The song moves to eventually considering whether people themselves will ever consider taking back control from the ‘mad’ people using this science for their own agendas. Tony Spillman jokingly referred to keyboardist Paul Rau as ‘the Mad Scientist’, and building on that theme, Spillage created a video that followed the story. Bassist Billy McGuffey created the album artwork using Paul’s likeness as the model, which lended the story a bit of a comic book vibe. Paul, being a teacher at a Catholic School, appreciated the gesture, stating that Billy ‘made me the coolest teacher ever…

The riff-Heavy Doom band have been around for over 10 years now, and the sound of their new record stays in touch with their initial doom roots while also channeling influence from different genres across the heavy music spectrum.

01. Intro / Phase Four
02. Nail Biter
03. Love And Alchemy
04. Demon, I
05. Rise Of Machines
06. Nothing To See
07. The Eleventh Hour
08. Again

Chris Martins
 / Drums
Tony Spillman / Guitars
Nick Bozidarevic / Guitars
Paul Rau / Keyboards
Billy McGuffey / Bass
Elvin Rodriguez / Vocals

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