[News] Steven Freeman & Alan Freeman launch a fund-raising campaign to release “A Fistful Of Spaghetti”

Steven Freeman & Alan Freeman launch a fund-raising campaign to release the book “A Fistful Of Spaghetti” an encyclopedia of Italian Progressive Rock, Experimental, Electronic Music, etc. The book is from the writers of “The Crack In The Cosmic Egg” and will be out in Spring 2022. You can watch a taster preview through the YouTube player below:

…a landmark publication, our long awaited extensive survey of the amazing Italian “Spaghetti-Rock” scene. Although centred on the progressive rock scene of the 1970s, we have attempted to cover all related genres here, amounting to more than just another prog rock guide. Indeed, we believe that “A Fistful Of Spaghetti” is the first English encyclopedia of Italian rock and new-music to fully examine this too-often overlooked but amazingly prolific and innovative scene in all its facets, tracing its roots from the Avant-Garde and Pop Music, via the new freedom of the Post Psychedelic-era that gave birth to it…

To fund/donate visit The Ultima Thule Records official website here: http://www.ultimathulerecords.com/fistful.html


A4 276 pages total, sewn perfect binding
Internal pages: 272
240 numbered black & white pages
16 colour picture pages insert
16 black & white picture pages insert

Total artists included: 1,294
Albums: 2,145
Singles: 795


Introduction, including: The Spaghetti-Rock Scene, legacy of the Futurists, the Morricone factor, etc.
A concise history by Charles Imperatori
The Italian top 100
A short guided tour, including: setting the scene, cities, the 7 major scenes, family trees, etc.
About the book, including: layout, information, clichés & terminology


  1. The Italian prog scene – 329 artists
  2. The second wave – 233 artists
  3. New Wave & Industrial – 36 artists
  4. Synthesizer & Ambient – 24 artists
  5. Soundtracks & Library Music – 101 artists
  6. Avant-Garde & Experimental – 51 artists
  7. Foreigners & Ex-Pats – 30 artists
  8. Everything Else – 490 artists
  9. Other Useful Info, including: producers & engineers, studios, cover art & design, festivals & concerts, various artists / samplers, library & soundtracks, record labels, group / artist index, cross reference index, further reading, acknowledgements

Due out sometime in spring 2022, subject to costs and financing. Estimated price: £30 + p&p/shipping.

Alan Freeman |Facebook Page|YouTube Channel|

The Ultima Thule Records |Official Website|Facebook Page|YouTube Channel|

Italian Progressive & Underground |Facebook Group|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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