[News] Steven Wilson, Tim Bowness and more line-up to remix Twelfth Night’s “Smiling At Grief”

Twelfth Night will release a newly remixed version of their cassette album “Smiling At Grief” (recorded in 1981, released in 1982).

The new ‘definitive‘ version will see a host of prog luminaries such as Steven WilsonTim BownessRob Reed, Karl GroomPeter Jones, members of Galahad and more remix individual tracks from the album. This will be the first vinyl release on the band’s own Twelfth Night Records label since 1982 when they released the original version of “Fact And Fiction.”

A few months ago we came up with the idea of celebrating 40 years since the original release of Smiling At Grief, by releasing a ‘brand-new’ version of the cassette album, which we have done by asking friends and peers if they would remix the album using the original master tracks,” explains Brian Devoil.

The response has been really amazing and rather humbling… as over the last few months, we have received contributions from Steven Wilson, Peter Jones, Simon Godfrey, Tim Bowness and Brian Hulse, Rob Reed, Lee Abraham and Stu Nicholson, Karl Groom, Dean Baker, Mark Spencer and Andy Tillison, with more to come!

Some are straight remixes, some have been enhanced with new instrumentation, and some have been radically reworked. We feel that all of them more than do justice to the original versions, and we think you’ll like it!

The Definitive Edition of “Smiling At Grief” will be released in three versions: a vinyl version reproducing the original “Smiling At Grief” album track by track with new mixes. There will be new artwork, and the plan is that the LP will be issued on heavyweight vinyl. It will be followed by double CD and download versions which will add several alternative mixes. The plan is that the LP will be released in March/April 2022.

Pre-orders are open through the band’s official website: http://twelfthnight.info/?vinyl=smiling-at-grief-revisited-on-lp

1.East Of Eden (Steven Wilson)
2. This City (Peter Jones)
3. The Honeymoon Is Over (Karl Groom)
4. Creepshow (Simon Godfrey)
5. Puppets (intro) (Mark Spencer)
6. Puppets (Rob Reed & Lee Abraham & Stuart Nicholson)
7. Three Dancers (Steven Wilson)
8. Makes No Sense (new recording by Tim Bowness & Brian Hulse)
9. Fur Helene Part II (Dean Baker)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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