[News] Stian Westerhus shares upcoming album title-track “Redundance”

Norwegian guitarist and singer Stian Westerhus has shared the title-track ahead of the release of his upcoming album “Redundance” on March 6th via House of Mythology.

Speaking about the track Stian Westerhus comments: “I performed ‘Redundance’ at Steinkjer Church in Norway back in 2015 as part of a commission from the local music festival, Steinkjerfestivalen. ‘Redundance’ is written as a cut-off and closure of a relationship. When I sang it the respective person was sitting there in the church, maybe unaware of the funeral taking place.” 

The new release brings Westerhus’s vocals to the fore while the instrumentation serves the songs rather than threatening to overwhelm them. “Redundance” is about confronting psychological trauma, Westerhus addressing an intolerable situation, cutting away at his personal history in order to forge a new way forward. There’s anger and sadness, but also a righteous desire to redefine the turbulence of the past, to tell the truth and to move on. Westerhus sings: “Swallowed my pride just to keep us alive, but never ever again”.

Redundance also tackles wider issues as well. Opening track “Chase The New Morning” is a addresses an oppressive Chinese regime that controls its citizens via online propaganda, a challenge to freedom that has been met with fierce resistance in Hong Kong. It was writing about this political struggle and fighting for what’s rightfully yours that inspired Westerhus to reflect on his own situation and revisit songs he’d previously “never dared to record (for being) too direct, too simple”.

Track List
1. Chase the New Morning
2. All Your Wolves
3. Verona
4. There’s a Light
5. Walk the Line
6. Hold On
7. Redundance

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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