[News] Sub Rosa published the official lyric video for “The Wishing Man” from new album

Brazilian Progressive Rock band Sub Rosa published the official lyric video for the track “The Wishing Man” taken from the new album “11:11” out on November 11, 2021 via Progressive Rock Worldwide. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

The Progressive Rock band Sub Rosa innovates by launching, along with their new album “11:11” an exclusive Tarot deck, whose major arcana correspond to each of the songs. The double CD-set is a Progressive Rock Worldwide release. The 22 songs narrate an authentic “Journey of the Hero,” with a narrative line inspired by the biography of philosopher and artist Eduardo Marinho. The band is formed by: Bárbara Laranjeira (drums and voice), Rudolf Pinto (guitars), Alexandre Salgueiro (keyboards and voice), Reinaldo José (bass and voice) and Antônio ToSan (keyboards).

Each of the songs is visually portrayed on the Sub Rosa Tarot cards, in a multi-sensory adventure full of symbolism and quotations from the classics of literature and world philosophy, as well as striking references to pop culture. The result is an effervescent cauldron of sounds and images, filled to the brim with various stimuli, provocations and questions, which can hardly be exhausted in a first appreciation. Amidst the doldrums that seem to take over much of cultural production in Brazil and in the world today, the release of “11:11” is a refreshing reminder of how much art exists to take us out of our comfort zones and propel us forward. for individual and collective evolution.

The songs deal with human development, with a Jungian approach to the archetypes of the 22 major arcana of the Tarot, which gained an unprecedented version, conceived by the bassist and main composer of the band, Reinaldo José, together with plastic artist Marina Marques.

As the bassist reveals, the process of preparing the cards was deliberately meticulous: “Every single detail of the Sub Rosa Tarot has a reason for being, to inspire certain triggers in the subconscious”. Joyce Baleioleta also designed a second version of the Major Arcana for the CD booklet. It is in the band’s plans to release the minor arcana of their Tarot in the future, along with upcoming albums.

It is clear that a job of this magnitude and complexity could not be carried out overnight. “The 11:11 album took more than 6 years to be recorded,” says Reinaldo. “In this period, the band changed a lot. From the line-up to the band’s behavior as a musical group. The album talks about human evolution, through the Fool’s Journey, and we ended up walking this journey ourselves, collectively. We faced many situations, met and said goodbye to some people, fought our internal and external demons, and today we are very different from the band that entered the studio. In the end, 11:11 is a portrait of the evolution of Sub Rosa itself, as a group, and of its members, individually.

Sub Rosa‘s new release can be purchased, in a luxurious double CD-set, on the website of the Progressive Rock Worldwide label, and digitally on all streaming platforms. Venture into this inebriating musical and artistic pilgrimage!

Buy our new album “11:11” on deluxe double CD-Set:


CD 1

  1. Rue Le Tabel (2:17)
  2. The Lambspring (2:14)
  3. The Lost Word (3:13)
  4. The Wishing Man (6:57)
  5. Carnation (3:58)
  6. Romance Hermético (3:50)
  7. Ride the Black Goat (4:11)
  8. Do What You Will (7:14)
  9. Liber Librae (3:24)
  10. Ars Regia Therion (5:09)
  11. Less Than Two (5:34)

CD 2

  1. Hanging On (6:10)
  2. XIII (2:14)
  3. Breakthrough Listen (11:08)
  4. The Men Behind the Curtains (3:26)
  5. The PIG (5:09)
  6. Fossil Irradiation (5:47)
  7. Dust of God (4:33)
  8. Chariot of the Crowned Child (3:02)
  9. The Play of Life (7:05)
  10. Slave to Freedom (11:12)
  11. The Illusion (5:44)


Bárbara Laranjeira / Drums, Vocals
Reinaldo José / Bass, Vocals, Additional Keyboards (3, 4, 7, 8, 13, 14, 16, 19), Additional Guitars (1, 7), Effects (3)
Rudolf Pinto / Guitars, Effects (3)
Alexandre Salgueiro: keyboards, vocals
Antônio ToSan / Keyboards, Additional Bass (8, 11)


Rômulo César / Vocals (1, 2, 15, 16, 20)
Márcia Cristina / Vocals (2, 4, 5, 8, 12)
Maurício Mourão / Additional Guitars
Jackson Lopes / RMP (2)
Edgar Franco (Ciberpajé) / Aphorisms (6)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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