[News] Superlynx publish lyric video for the track “Apocalypse” from upcoming album

Now, with their third record “Electric Temple” due out through Dark Essence Records on the April 16, 2021 Norway’s Superlynx present a second track from the album. Titled “Apocalypse,” it can be streamed together with lyric video clip via YouTube, watch it below:

Providing fans with an insight into the thoughts that went into “Apocalypse” the band explained: “It is no secret that we feel nature deeply. Apocalypse captures a panic like state of mind – internally but also of nature and all creatures affected by the fact that the planet is burning. A lasting but culminating panic raised by the enormous and increasingly devastating fires that´s been going on especially the last years, in the Amazon Forest, in California and Australia. So much wildlife and so many species lost make a very apocalyptic image. We are really affected by it, and one sleepless night of not being able to stop thinking about each individual creature’s fear in the (then) ongoing Australian bush fires the lyrics were written.

There is both a sadness and a stressed feeling to the song. We always try to stay positive and focus on hope and light, but it was hard with this one. With that being said, there are forces working to turn this devastating development around, and we just have to wish that we can.


1.Rising Flame
2.Electric Temple
5.Sonic Sacrament
6.Returning Light
7.Laws of Nature
8.Then You Move
9.Siren Sing

Pre-Order and Stream “Apocalypse” here: https://darkessencerecords.fanlink.to/Superlynx_Apocalypse

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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