[News] Swedish ’90 cult Progressive Rock band Ritual released first single “Chichikov Bogd” from upcoming album

Swedish ’90 cult Progressive Rock band Ritual released first single “Chichikov Bogd” taken from upcoming album “The Story Of Mr. Bogd, Pt. 1” due out on August 16, 2024 via Karisma Records. Purchase and Stream the album on Bandcamp:

One of the most legendary bands from the 90s Swedish Progressive scene is finally back with a new album, 17 years since the last full-length. Ritual has often been a band with a concept, and their music has often been inspired by Tove Jansson’s novels about the Moomins. On their return, we’re invited into the strange story of the mysterious Mr. Bogd. And this fifth studio album is only part 1 of the story!

Since its formation in 1993, Ritual quickly established a distinct Progressive style of their own, influenced by Progressive and Hard Rock of the 70s, as well as contemporary bands. They’ve always been song-based, melodic and intense, with a great stylistic variation and plenty of Folk music influences seeping in. The latter feature is not least due to the band’s frequent use of acoustic instruments like bouzouki, mandola, whistles and the Swedish nyckelharpa (a keyed fiddle). On the epic “The Story of Mr. Bogd Part 1,” Ritual is definitely continuing on this musical journey, and the new songs will hit old fans right in the heart.

Pre-Order the album on Karisma Records Official Webshop: https://www.karismarecords.no/shop/

Pre-Order Digital Version on Bandcamp: https://ritualsweden.bandcamp.com/album/the-story-of-mr-bogd-part-1

01. A hasty departure
02. The Inn of The Haunted Owl
03. Dreams in a brougham
04. Chichikov Bogd
05. Mr. Tilly and his gang
06. Through a rural landscape
07. The feline companion
08. Read all about it!
09. Forgotten qualities
10. The three heads of the well

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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