[News] The Omnific celebrate release of new album “The Law Of Augmenting Returns” with official video fir title-track

Basstastic Australian Prog Rock trio The Omnific release their second full-length “The Law Of Augmenting Returns” through Wild Thing Records, and to celebrate the band have shared the official video of them performing the album’s title-track. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

Aside from the band’s bass players, Matt Fack and Toby Peterson-Stewart and drummer Jermoe Lematua, the video also features rising bass stars, British YouTube sensation Charles Berthoud and Australian newcomer Kai den Hertog.

Charles Berthoud’s involvement on the track showcases the highest of ability bass can be played, to Kai den Hertog’s orchestration of a bass solo that is as complex as it is energetic,” explains Fack.

The video not only highlights the band’s musical dexterity, but also shows quite how prog a band with two bassists can sound. “The Law Of Augmenting Returns” album also features guest vocalists Tim Waurick, and excerpts from Luke Taylor of Australian Alt-Metalcore upstarts Heartline as well as keyboards from Rohan Sharma (I Built The Sky).

The Law Of Augmenting Returns is the culmination of the experience and knowledge learned and embodied in the eight years of our existence as a band,Fack adds. “With our creative mindset to incorporate new ideas adhered to the core principle of bass, this album paints the story of the band’s past, present, and beyond.”

The trio, who played live in Europe last year, return for more live dates this summer with a string of their own headline shows and festival appearances including the UK’s Radar and ArcTanGent festivals.

The world’s most prominent bass driven instrumental Rock act, Australia’s The Omnific, return with their sophomore opus, “The Law Of Augmenting Returns,” an audacious and magnificent triumph – to be released on June 7, 2024 via Wild Thing Records. “The Law Of Augmenting Returns” explores the notion that the more effort you invest in your artistry, the greater the rewards you reap. While staying true to The Omnific‘s core, this powerful trinity of bass and drums has fulfilled this prophecy, pushing their creative boundaries to unprecedented heights. A tremendous body of work transpired, traversing the intense, the emotionally charged, and the humorous, appealing to a wide range of musical palates. The production team of critically acclaimed debut record “Escapades” (2021) reassembled for the release, including Adam Bentley (mixing, Arch Echo), Ermin Hamidovic (mastering, Periphery) and Josh Saunders (artwork); with the majority of programming handled by the band’s own Matt Fack. The album encompasses an array of instrumentation never used before on a The Omnific record, such as Bass VI, Fretless Warwick played with an EBow, live brass including Trumpet and Trombone and Vocals on opener “The Omnific ≈ Bass;” a barbershop quartet foreword by genre legend Tim Waurick and excerpts from Luke Taylor of Heartline. The title-track embraces bass solos from British YouTube sensation Charles Berthoud, and exhilarating Australian newcomer Kai den Hertog, while the intricate keyboards of Rohan Sharma (I Built The Sky) appear fluently throughout the album. However, despite all of this, in true steadfast fashion, The Omnific’s realm is yet to feature a guitar and long may the lords of bass reign.

Purchase the album on Bandcamp: https://theomnific.bandcamp.com/album/the-law-of-augmenting-returns

01. The Omnific ≈ Bass 07:01
02. The Law Of Augmenting Returns 06:12
03. Matrices 04:17
04. Base Camp 06:03
05. Will-O’-The-Wisp 07:39
06. Phat Mackerel 02:28
07. Butterfingers 04:17
08. Double Malt Ditty 06:08

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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