[News] The History of Yes Pt. 1 (w/Henry Potts & Aymeric Leroy) on SOAL Night Live available on YouTube

SOAL Night Live publish on their Official YouTube Channel the episode #44 about one of the legendary Progressive Rock band of all time YES.

Official Press Release:

For Episode #44 we take a look the at the history of arguably the greatest progressive rock band of all, Yes. A two part episode, this is Part 1 and covers the band’s beginnings and every album and lineup up to and including 1980s Drama. Sean’s co-hosts are two Yes historians- Henry Potts and Aymeric Leroy. We will be back with Part 2 sometime in December and cover the remaining lineups, tours and albums. Time stamps for each album are below in the comments. For the first portion of the show we reflect on how we became aware of Yes music and what it means to us. Then, we dive into a chronological look at their discography, with details on the recording of the albums, the changes in lineups along the way and noteworthy songs to investigate.

Watch “The History of Yes Pt. 1 (w/Henry Potts & Aymeric Leroy)” on SOAL Night Live YouTube Channel.

Below a list of upcoming episodes:

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