[News] The Necromancers published the first single “The Needle” taken from upcoming new album

French Occult Heavy Rockers The Necromancers have announced their third full-length album “When The Void Rose” which will be released on September 16, 2022. Stream the album’s first single “The Needle” through the YouTube player below:

About “The Needle,” the band says: “We wanted to depict the perpetual struggle between the forces of the abyss and the living who inhabit the land. The ocean becomes the battlefield for the beasts of the deep, trying to tear the veil that separates them from the light, and the sailors who strive in the storm to keep this border intact by continuously weaving the great web that separates the two worlds.

Decibel Peak // Twisted Time (Tease...

First demos of “When The Void Rose” were done in 2019 as The Necromancers just went back from touring. After the departure of their former vocalist, they recorded the album in June 2021 at Nomad Audio with Basile Chevalier-Coudrain, a longtime friend and founding member of the band Birdstone. This new album unearths a Homeric tale, taking a deep dive into the oceanic fog and letting us glimpse the shadow of a nightmarish nothingness that mankind cannot conceive.

When The Void Rose” tells the story of a decaying world, where some try to hold the horde back in the depths while others yearn to plunge into the abyss, exhilarated by the discovery of new knowledge and eager for answers in the face of the inevitable. The Necromancers once again prove their fascination for horror tales by feeding on the last breath of those doomed souls. They venture to the junction of the land and sea, confront the tumult of the ocean and explore the sunken ruins of our civilization, for what is their heaviest and darkest album yet.

When The Void Rose” was recorded and mixed by Fabien Guilloteau at Nomad Audio, and mastered by Thibault Chaumont at Deviant Lab. The artwork was created by Vaderetro. The album will be available in limited “Ink & Salt” vinyl edition, classic black vinyl, CD, digital, and distributed by Season Of Mist (Europe) and Ripple Music (USA).

The NecromancersWhen The Void Rose” out on September 16, 2022 – Pre-order: https://necromancers.bandcamp.com/album/where-the-void-rose

Signed on Ripple Music, The Necromancers’ debut album “Servants Of The Salem Girl” (2017) established the band as one of the must-hear acts on the European Heavy Rock scene. Drawing their inspirations from mythology, religion, European fantasy literature, and a common obsession for classic horror cinema, The Necromancers are a strange beast to behold. Blending Progressive Rock, Heavy Psych and the 70s Proto-Metal sound of Black Sabbath or Coven, they inject a healthy dose of NWOBHM power, all doused in lysergic illusions. Among several European tours, the band made an impression at Desertfest Berlin and London, Keep It Low, Up In Smoke, with a culmination at France’s Hellfest in 2019. After one last tour with Belzebong, the band rushed back to the studio to write and record their third album with their new vocalist Basile Chevalier-Coudrain, for an early fall 2022 release.


  1. Sunken Huntress
  2. Crimson Hour
  3. The Needle
  4. Orchard
  5. Where The Void Rose
  6. Over The Threshold


Basile Chevalier-Coudrain / Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Robin Genais / Lead Guitar
Benjamin Rousseau / Drums
Simon Evariste / Bass

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