[News] The Ocean’s drummer Paul Seidel a.k.a. Fern unveil the title-track from new album “Intersubjective”

The Ocean‘s drummer Paul Seidel is to release his first solo album “Intersubjective,” through Pelagic on September 30, 2022. The artist unveil the official video for the title-track, watch it through the YouTube player below:

We all seem to crawl through our personal realities, constantly distracted by impulses and our own conscious,” says Seidel. “Yet all we are is just small fractions of a collective mindset, an evolving and expanding organism that seeks to determine and substantiate every information that crosses our path. We are intersubjective beings, illusions of a reality that makes sense of itself.

These songs are an invitation to explore human identity in this rapidly digitised world we live in,” adds Seidel. “It’s necessary sometimes to be still and gain experience of your self in order to make more meaningful experiences of, and with others. Like in meditation, it’s a process of letting go off constant thought and impression in order to learn about your inner workings.

Pre-order the album here: https://pelagic-records.com/product/fern-intersubjective-lp/

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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