[News] The Silver Linings unveil the official videofor the single “Patient M” from upcoming album

Andalusian band The Silver Linings release today Friday 1st September “Patient M,” the first preview of their debut album “Pink Fish.” Official music video and Pre-Order now available.

Watch the official video through the YouTube player below:

Purchase and Stream the single here: https://songwhip.com/thesilverlinings/patient-m

Formed in Málaga (Spain) in 2021, The Silver Linings self-released their debut EP “TSL” in May 2023 and immediately signed to Andalusian independent label Spinda Records (Moura, Fin del Mundo, Moundrag, Loma Baja…). Thus, they went back to the studio to record additional material and re-release everything as their first full-length in October 2023.

Their influences come from 20th century science fiction, the literature of Moorcock, the illustrations of Moebius, the cinema of Tarkovski, the work of Jodorowsky and the poetry of the beat generation; as well as natural enclaves of Andalusia such as the Torcal de Antequera, the desert of Gorafe, the dunes of Bolonia and the Strait of Gibraltar.

Because of the kind of music they make and where they come from, they could be part of the New Wave of Psychedelic Rock in Andalusia, alongside bands like Atavismo, Lunavieja, Híbrido, Santo Rostro, Medicina, Mía Turbia, Gu Vo, Plastic Woods or DMBK; although their sound – closer to Acid-Psych-Space-Kraut-Rock – makes us think of bands like Causa Sui, Hawkwind or even Can, as they make clear in the single “Patient M” that they release today.

The band explain the track as:

The song ‘Patient M’ is inspired by a true story from 1938 in which a Spanish soldier on the Republican side was shot in the head… The bullet lodged in his brain and from then on, under certain conditions, when he was at rest and without great stimuli, he was confronted with an eerie upside-down world, in which objects appeared in triplicate, tinged with green and with their colours detached. And it was not only his visual preception that was inverted, but also his auditory and tactile preception, with sounds and touches appearing in his mind from the opposite side to the real one. ‘M would look at the pocket watch in either direction to tell the time.

This inspired Dr Justo Gonzalo’s theory of the workings of the human brain. Patient M survived and continued to see the doctor until his death in 1986.

Patient M died in the early 1990s, without ever transcending the identity of the person who helped illuminate the workings of the human brain.

Pink Fish,” which was recorded, mixed and mastered at Hollers Analog Studio, will be available until October 11, 2023 as part of Spinda Records‘ “The Trippy Series” on digital and a double vinyl edition limited to 150 copies in black and 150 copies in orange. Pre-Orders are already underway through Spinda Records.

Pre-Order the album here: https://spindarecords.com/product/the-silver-linings-pink-fish

Upcoming Live Dates:

02/09 – Málaga
25/11 – Sevilla


Javier Toledano / Vocals, Electric Guitar, Keys
Catarina Serer / Electric Guitar
Jose Gutiérrez / Bass
Lolo Cortes / Drums, Percussions

The Silver Linings |Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Spotify|

Spinda Records |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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