[News] The Tragic Company release the new single “Rotten”

The Tragic Companyis an alternative rock band. For the past fewyears, they’ve workedhardtobuilda good reputation on the underground scene in Southern Spain thanks to theirwell crafted songs in English andpowerful live perfomances. They have alargeexperience on the road as they’ve been touring Spain for quitesome time. The band leader, Juanma Medina (guitar and vocals), has defined theirstyle to become a mixture of the best alternative, post-grunge and stoner rock with aprog touch in the likes ofPearl Jam, Soundgarden, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Porcupine Tree or Alter Bridge. The rest of the band members are Mariano Alcobendas (lead guitar and backing vocals); Alan Voreaux (bass guitarand backing vocals) and Jose Luis Fernández (drums). They’veput out 2 studio albums, a live unplugged album and a very recent seven-minutes-prog-single called ‘Rotten’ whic hwill be included in their forthcoming studio album called ‘Paradox’ to be released by the Spanish label Wild Punk Records.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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