[News] The Trousers lock and load the “Animal Gun”

Animal Gun” is the sixth studio of album of the Budapest-based Garage Rock/Hard Rock band The Trousers. The songs of the album were written by singer/guitarist Zoltan (Zoli) Kovary, except form two songs which was based on the joint work of Zoltan and his late brother Peter, who passed in 2021 due to ALS. The album is dedicated to Peter’s memory. After completing songwriting in the beginning of 2020, the band started the studio work in Artist Factory, Budapest under the leadership of sound engineer Zoltan Cs. Szabo (Cseszi), who had been the drummer of the band between 2006 and 2017. Then the covid epidemic broke out, and they had to stop studio work until finally finishing in summer of 2022.

The Trousers have constant additional musicians on their records; Rita Csányi on backing vocals (The Anahit) and keyboard player Zsolt Derecskei (The Bits), who added important parts to the songs. The album art was created by the fine artist Richard Vass and band photos were shot by Norbi Pandur-Balogh. The cover was created by János Posta.

After completing everything, the album was released by Hungarian Music Fashion Record in November 2022. The album has received very positive reviews all over the world, all highlighted that “Animal Gun” is the best work of The Trousers to date, emphasizing the high quality of songwriting and performing, the material’s cohesion, its outstanding sound and the band’s authentic, classic but fresh approach to rock music.

The worldwide release of “Animal Gun” via Sliptrick Records is set for August 15, 2023.

01. Hope Dies Last | 02. Bag Of Bones | 03. My Kind Of Business | 04. Come Undone | 05. The Great Beyond | 06. Vanish In The Haze | 07. Sunday Crimes | 08. All Over Shakin’ Down | 09. Animal Gun | 10. Secret Symmetry

Animal Gun” | Released August 15, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

Zoltán Kőváry / Lead Vocals and Guitar 
Péter Locke / Guitar
András Lázár / Bass
Samu Antal Gulyás / Drums

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Sliptrick Records |Official Website|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|Spotify|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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