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The second single taken from the Psych/Prog trio The Universe By Ear’s new album “III” is called “Sail Around The Sun.” The four-part epos tells the story of mankinds urge to conquer andreign the sun. It takes us on a musical journey around the world, back to the beginnings of Man, throwing a glance at the mind of a driven character in part 3 and leading us to an uncertain future in the final 4. Watch the official video through the YouTube player below:

Concept, producer, director: Pascal Grünenfelder
Camera: Sergio Cassini, T-Vision Basel
Animation: Overtoon Studios, DE-Freiburg
Edit, color grading: Pascal Grünenfelder
Music: The Universe By Ear

Sail Aorund The Sun” throws a critical perspective onto the topic of mankinds etenal striving for new
horizons and challenges, depicts our races delusional sense of feasibility, the wish to attain the
impossible, the failure therin and the resurrection. Following it’s muscial structure, director Pascal
uses various techniques to adequately breathe life into the different parts.

Part 1: Exposition and final chapter are set up very figuratively and comprehensible to get the story
straight: It’s about two notional scientists trying to invent a spaceship to take them to the sun and
revolve around it. The scene is set in near future, where the climatic and social situation drastically
worsened. The sun is hotter, bigger and threatening, most parts of the earth are dried up.

Part 2: as an artistic and way of dealing with earth’s history, depicts more intuitively the elements of
change and development through time, mankinds ascent from protozoons to the self declared “pride of
creation” in abstract and experimental imagery.

Part 3: After the universal and extensive second part, number 3 zooms in to a concrete personal level with the band as protagonists, working their way through the music under a glistening and destructive sunlight. We came down to a macro layer to deal with the struggles of contradictions and disruption every single human is facing.

Part 4: Coming back to the story of the beginning, leading to an open and ambiguous finale. Carried
by a more aery musical performance, we are led into an uncertain future, which is sublime and
beautiful but at the same time balefully sparkling on the horizon.


16 September, 2022: “Sail Around The Sun, Part 1

23 September, 2022: “Sail Around The Sun, Part 2

30 September, 2022: “Sail Around The Sun, Part 3

7 October, 2022: (complete) “Sail Around The Sun, Parts 1-4

Purchase and stream the single here: https://timezonerecords.lnk.to/sailaroundthesun

Mini-interview with the band about the single and new album:

Thank you for choosing my webzine for the video premiere, how are you?

We feel terrific. We invested 3 years into the upcoming album „III“ and we are very happy with the results. And we feel anxious, because as with any record we don’t know how the fans, critics and the mass that has never heard of us will react. And we really look forwared to playing all the new material live.

A track that is revealed in 4 weeks between September 16 and October 7, why this choice?

The second single „Sail Around the Sun“ is around 12-minutes long, which is not the usual lenght of a videoclip these days. As with social media the consumers attention span has shrunken to 10 seconds. We don’t want to follow that trend not could we with the art we make. But we know, that only a few people will sit and watch a 12-minute video in one go. So we decided to release the clip in 4 parts, each a week apart. And even if the song is one piece that we never play in shorter parts, it was written in three parts with an additional coda that mirrors the first part. I gope, many of you will get on board as we sail around the sun.

The previous single had water as a theme, what is this about?

Yes, „Salty Water (incl- Monoliths)“ had that element as its core theme. But it is a song about going home, about finding your place in this world. We were inspired by the fact, that there are only a handful of rivers on earth that carry salty water, which means they don’t go towards an ocean, but actually float away from one. I don’t want to overanalyze this, but sometimes you find your home not where you expect it, but in the totally different direction.

How would you musically describe this track that is over 12 minutes long?

Basically it is rock. Some would find elements of stoner in the first part, elements of psychedelia in the second or progressive complex patterns in the third one. But we try not to think in genres, but try to follow the basic musical idea. As a band have grown a lot in the six years since our debut album and I feel that we are a lot stronger at making bigger scenarios. It is easy to change every 4 bars, which we still love to do, but sometimes you need to contrast this with a very long and floating or driving part of the song. To me „Sail Around the Sund“ is very fine example of contrasts and effect. Going back to your previous question: I think it works in 4 parts, but it certainly has more effect, if you liste to it as one big piece of music.

Ben says:.. “paying tribute to everything we listen to…Sabbath,Stoner,Iggy Pop, Tony Allen and everything in between.

The entire video will be released the same day as the album, October 7th, how would you describe this new work?

“No, album release is 28.10.

The album is still very new to us, so it is hard to describe it from a distance. But if album I was full of freedom, since we had nothing to follow, album II was more restricted and more focused. And III to me brings both elements together. We were very free in finding new ideas and trying stuff out, but then worked on it very hard, almost like outside producers, to make sure every part is the right lenght. We threw away so many ideas, we expanded others. And I really love the fact that the songs are between 7 and 12 minutes long, but they still feel like a three-piece rock band, not like a progressive orchestra. A blast for your ears eyes mind and body

Many of our readers and your fans are wondering if there will be the possibility to listen to your music live, do you have any plans for that?

That would be great, since no matter how strong we feel about the album, we still believe our music works best if witnessed live. We didn’t use any overdub sin the studio and the effect of seeing three men playing and singing and creating this kind of sound cannot be translated onto an album. So to answer your question: Yes we are playing live, we ewill be on tour in germany, have a few shows in switzerland and one in Italy. The dates are always updated here: www.theuniversebyear.com

Tour Dates:

Sa 17.09.22 CH-Kreuzlingen, Plan 3B

Sa 22.10.22 CH-Oberentfelden, Böröm Pöm Pöm

Do 17.11.22 DE-Köln, Kantine/Yard Club

Fr 18.11.22 DE-Rüsselsheim, Das Rind

Sa 19.11.22 DE-Fürth, Kofferfabrik

So 20.11.22 DE-Berlin, Quasimodo

Mo 21.11.22 DE-Bremen, Meisenfrei

Mi 23.11.22 DE-Hamburg, Bambi Galore

Do 24.11.22 DE-Kassel, Theaterstübchen

Sa 26.11.22 CH-Basel, tba

Fr 09.12.22 IT-Genova, Spazio 21

Sa 10.12.22 IT-Veruno, Forum 19

Do 16.12.22 CH-Bern, Goscho

Sa 17.12.22 DE-Karlsruhe, KOHI

Sa 28.01.23 CH-Basel, Sud

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