[News] Toundra premiere the third single from their upcoming new album “Das Cabinet Der Dr. Caligari”

Toundra have premiered a new single and video taken from their new album “Das Cabinet Der Dr. Caligari,” which is due for release on February 28, 2020 via InsideOut Music.

The band comment: “This track is probably the most Pink Floyd oriented we ever did. The music clashes with Alan’s disappearance, Francis’ best friend, the true main role in the movie. It’s beautiful to see that the most collective act of the movie is also the one in which we started from improvisation.

The album is a creative soundtrack to a quintessential German silent horror film directed by Robert Wiene that turns exactly 100 years old in 2020. The band approached it as a dialogue with the listener with the intention of questioning ideas like manipulation, freedom and human nature itself.

There will also be a tour where people will have a unique opportunity to watch the movie while the band performs the album in its entirety.

28.02.20, Madrid, Teatros del Canal
06.03.20, Zaragoza, Las Armas
07.03.20, Barcelona, Aribau Multicines
16.03.20, Hamburg, Knust
17.03.20, Jena, Kassablanca
18.03.20, München, Backstage
19.03.20, Siegen, Vortex
20.03.20, Darmstadt, 806qm
21.03.20, Martigny, Caves Du manoir
22.03.20, Stuttgart, Club Zentral

The band believe: “‘Das Cabinet des Dr.Caligari is a movie with a very strong visual energy. It’s a film that takes elements of the terror movies to speak about authoritarianism. About how ideas can be controlled and eventually lead a human individual to do the worst things. It was premiered in between-war period, and it represents an advice about the real danger of some ideologies that nowadays are getting a new life across Europe; ideologies based in intolerance. That’s why we like to see this film as historical document that invites to some conscious thinking rather than let ourselves go where intolerants want to take us.

The artwork has been done by Riki Blanco and it features all the iconic elements of the movie.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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