[News] Troll Teeth published the lyric video for “I Don’t Feel Well” from debut album

American Stoner/Doom Metal outfit Troll Teeth published the lyric video for the opening track “I Don’t Feel Well” taken from their debut full-length album “Unwanted & Worthless” which was re-released on December 17, 2021 via Electric Talon Records. Watch the official video through the YouTube player below:

Forming in the summer months of 2011, what was to become known as the New Jersey Stoner Rock outfit Troll Teeth began jamming in a small New Jersey basement. The band was to go through many different names and line-ups, but from 2012 to 2014 consisted of just Ben Dallackiesa, Will Simon, and J.W. “Moe” Eccles. The bands original setlist consisted of songs that were written while playing on stage and experimented with while recording on a little Korg-888 multi-track recorder. Those were the formative years for Troll Teeth.

The original imagining of “Unwanted & Worthless” was recorded with only one of the original members, Moe. Will and Ben had both left the band so Moe went into the studio with guys from other bands he had played with who enjoyed Troll Teeth’s music but were still learning the songs themselves. Frank Birkner only had 4 practice sessions on guitar before recording on the record and Chris Geissler went mainly off of previously recorded scratch tracks for the drums.

While the original album had received plenty of praise, the artistic vision and scope of the songs were not realized until 2021 when original returning guitarist Ben Dallackies finally had an opportunity to record his guitar tracks 10 years later. Troll Teeth by this point had their own studio with plenty of equipment to record things exactly how they wanted them to sound. The final result is a much heavier, beefier, and tighter version of the album. »Unwanted & Worthless« will be available December 17th, 2021 through Electric Talon Records and can be found on all major digital formats, as well as the CD medium.

Purchase the album on Bandcamp: https://talonrecordsusa.bandcamp.com/album/troll-teeth-unwanted-worthless

01. I Don’t Feel Well
02. Watch The Roads
03. 7 Rings For The Foolish King Part I
04. 7 Rings For The Foolish King Part II
05. Nightmare
06. Running
07. Leaving Hell
08. Pot Of Gold

J.W. “Moe” Eccles / Bass, Vocals
Benjamin “Squatch” Dallackiesa / Guitar
Kyle “Thuds” Applebaum / Drums

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