[News] Troubleshooting Pandora’s Box Release New Single Soldier’s Song to Benefit the People of Ukraine

Soldier’s Song” is the third track released and the first Troubleshooting Pandora’s Box charity track. 

Soldier’s Song” is being released to raise money for the people of Ukraine. All profits raised by the sales are to be donated to World Central Kitchen. “Soldier’s Song” was written by Don Mularz and Richard Taylor and performed by Dark Horse Flyer.

Inspired by the bravery of our Fathers and Uncles who went in harm’s way for the love of Family and Country” says Don Mularz, “much like every man, or woman that leaves a loved one behind to fight for their country not knowing but hoping one day they will come home and that special someone will still be waiting for them. Just like the brave men and women in Ukraine are doing.” 

Recorded live at the band’s Florida rehearsal studio the Hanger, with one mic and one take. The song was originally released as a music video and posted on social media every Veterans and Memorial Day

Special Thanks to Don Mularz and Dark Horse Flyer for being part of this project to help the people of Ukraine

Dark Horse Flyer is:

Don Mularz / Guitar and Vocals
Richard Taylor / Fretless Bass
Raul Hernandez / Cajon
Bob Taylor / Organ
John Tillman / Guitar Solo
Scott Lane / Guitar

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