[News] Uhadish Distage donating album sale revenues to Ukrainian relief

Russian Avant-Garde/Jazz Metal outfit Uhadish Distage (Ухадиш Дистаж) has announced that it will be donating the proceeds of album sales to charitable organizations to support Ukrainian relief. Vladimir Neronov, the man behind the band, is currently working out arrangements for foreign labels to reissue the band’s music, with profits from the sales going to Malteser International and the Polish Center for International Aid.

As of now, a digital compilation of tracks from the band’s first three albums – 2015’s “В Лучах Cолнца“, 2016’s “Чёрных Mыслей Лезвия,” and 2017’s “Предчувствие” – is available from the French label Croux Records, with a physical edition to be announced at some point in the future; Canadian label Marrow in the Pines is offering a preorder for a cassette release of the first album, currently expected for release in April or May, with a digital version currently available. Neronov is working on making more recent Uhadish Distage albums available as well, and other releases are expected.

Commenting on the Russian Federation’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, which has included numerous attacks on civilian targets and humanitarian corridors, Neronov has expressed that he does not agree with the actions of his government and wishes to aid the Ukrainian populace as he can. In his own words: “Clearly, we aren’t talking about billions of dollars, which can be used to restore schools and hospitals. But if someone gets dinner and a warm blanket, it is worth it.

Uhadish Distage‘s music can also be downloaded for free on their own Bandcamp – though of course payment through the labels is encouraged for the purposes of distributing funds to the aforementioned charities.

Purchase the albums here: https://crouxrecords.bandcamp.com/album/uhadish-distage

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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