[News] Vexillum publish first single “When A Good Man Goes To War” from upcoming album

When A Good Man Goes To War“, the first official single taken from the upcoming Vexillum album “When Good Men Go To War,” has surfaced online. The new effort is coming out on April 23, 2021 via Scarlet Records. Watch the video below:

The band commented on the track: “This song is about an almost unknown force, a force so rare and frightening to see that, when unleashed, is not possible to describe the scenario that lies ahead. That disruptive, uncontrollable force that comes from breaking a balance. It’s easy to predict the reaction of an evil man, but not what can happen if a man who has always been good goes into battle and puts aside all the rules that define him. As at sea, everything can change in an instant, from calm to raging storm. Everything could go wrong if you don’t respect the forces that unleashed it.”

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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