[News] WagakkiBand(和楽器バンド) publish the official musical video of the track “日輪 (Sun Wheel)’”

Watch the official music video for “日 輪 (Sun Wheel)” song by WagakkiBand和 楽 器 バ ン ド) included on the album “Tokyo Singing” released on October 14, 2020 via Universal Music. The video is available in the YouTube player below:

Tokyo Singing” tracklist :

01. Calling
02. Ignite MV
03. reload dead
04. 生きとしいける花 Living Flowers
05. 月下美人 Queen of the Night
06. Sakura Rising with Amy Lee of EVANESCENCE Download MV
07. ゲルニカ Guernica
08. Tokyo Sensation
09. オリガミイズム Origami-ism
10. 宛名のない手紙 A Letter With No Name
11. 日輪 Sun Wheel
12. Eclipse
13. Singin’ For…
14. ロキ (Roki) *Bonus track available only in Digital Version


Yūko Suzuhana – voce
Machiya – chitarra
Beni Ninagawa – tsugaru shamisen
Kiyoshi Ibukuro – koto
Asa – basso elettrico
Daisuke Kaminaga – shakuhachi
Wasabi – batteria
Kurona – wadaiko

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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