[News] Wizdoom premiere the official live rehersal video for “The Half Living Realm”

The next part in the Wizdoom live rehearsal series is out. This time it’s a 9 and a half minute long live rehearsal version of “The Half Living Realm.” 

The band says: “It will bring some heavy 70s Rock live album vibes!
We want you to experience how Wizdoom would sound live, as live is where it happens!

So we recorded some songs as a live rehearsal, one take with one camera. We were standing in a circle and put a 360 camera in the middle of us and made a video out of  it!

Watch the official rehersal video for the track “The Half Living Realm” through the YouTube player below:

Stream here: https://orcd.co/thehalflivingrealm

This live version of ’The Half Living Realm’ is actually how I wanted the song to be from the beginning when I wrote it. But at the time of the studio recording we were not a full band, so it was not possible to record it this way, so I planned this long solo/ jam in the middle for the live version. Inspired by live records from the 70s with bands like Deep Purple and Rainbow. I’m very excited that we now can share this version, as this is what you will get when Wizdoom hits the road!” – Chris. D

Wizdoom previously released its debut EP “Trolldoom” earlier this year.

Stream here: https://orcd.co/trolldoom

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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