[Review] Opra Mediterranea – Isole

Opra Mediterranea is a musical project born in Empoli in 2007, merging Prog and song writing. On 13, September 2019 they released their debut album entitled ‘Isole‘ for Enterprise 8 Records. The sound fuses a solid and rhythmic Prog with the classic sound of the Italian song, creating an immediate and elaborated style at the same time. The songs are all medium-long ddurata, from 4:26 to almost 11 minutes, with compositions always well-structured. ‘Lettera‘ is a decided and rhythmic opener, with a committed text, the battery is solid and the guitar is the keyboards are incisive. Mattia Braghero‘s vocal talents are put on display with an imposing and decisive singing. The time changes are precise, the guitar solo on 3/4 and the mellotron finale are good. ‘Marionetta‘ begins with piano and a warmer voice, after the first minute of introduction, the song changes with a bursting bass line, keyboards and electric guitar to dominate the song and also the voice gets more decisive. ‘Numeri Primi‘ starts with acoustic guitar and a warm voice, and after a symphonic background the percussions enter the song takes rhythm. It’s a more symphonic song, with a crescendo ending. ‘Isole‘ is the track that gives the album its title, and starts with another powerful bass, even the guitar and the drums add intensity to the sound. A short melodic pause and the singing starts, between pauses, sudden and aggressive changes, a break with a sample with a recorded voice. In the second part, a second female voice is added to the vowel, the rhythms are syncopated and the keyboards here guide the sound, a great track. In the final riff of keyboards and guitar and with the return of the voice it closes. In ‘Oceano Mare,’ after an intro of piano and voice, percussion also comes into play, and a change of time with the organ that completes the whole. The guitar is powerful, the keyboards dominate the scene, the solo of Synth and the singing are good. ‘Frammenti Di Una Via Distesa Tra La Terra E Il Mare‘ is a heavier song, very technical and well-built. The synth is supporting, then the song suddenly changes with a symphonic interlude, the final returns on more powerful sounds, even this track like the whole album is well-chosen. Great debut for the Tuscan band, all precise . From the choice of the sound, more Progressive that singer-songwriter in my opinion, even if the hints of Italian music are felt here and there. This young band has great skills and experience, they have been active since 2007, but they have only published their first work now. The keyboards are the main instrument, but the others are not only supportive, participating in the excellent success of the album. Promoted with flyin colors, a work that shows a personal and elaborate style, as well as studied in detail. A great listening, with many interesting ideas, a band that has earned the ‘Emerging Band 2018‘ award at the Casa FIM. Very promising.


1. Lettera (6:52)
2. Marionetta (4:26)
3. Numeri Primi (4:51)
4. Isole (11:33)
5. Oceano Mare (6:03)
6. Frammenti Di Una Via Distesa Tra La Terra E Il Mare (8:05)


Mattia Braghero / Vocals
Federico Ferrara / Guitars, Backing Vocals
Lorenzo Morelli / Bass
Michael Aiosa / Keyboards, Moog, Synthesizers
Manuele Mecca / Drums

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Enterprise 8 Records |Official Website|Facebook Page|Twitter|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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