[Review] Pinn Dropp – Perfectly Flawed

Pinn Dropp is a concept made by guitarist and composer Piotr Syms to express his love for Prog music, in 2015 he started to write first tracks and soon was teamed by Drummer and Composer Darius Piwowarczyk. The “duo” was joined by multi instrumentist and singer Mateusz Jagiello and in 2017 released their first EP titled “Re: verse, Re: treat, Re: unite”. After this release the bass player Pawel Wolinski was added to the band to complete the lineup. At the end of 2018 they released their debut album “Perfectly Flawed”, a good album that show the excellent skills of the members. The music of Pinn Dropp is composed by a symphonic Prog Rock with profoundness and finesse, long-lasting pieces demonstrating the excellent compositional qualities of the Warsaw quartet. It starts with “Significant Someone”, a track characterized by Synth’s atmospheres, fast-paced rhythm, numerous tempo changes and distorted guitar that gives a touch a little more aggressive, while the voice fits perfectly with the music. We pass therefore to “Unrisolved” a more symphonic song, with electric and acoustic guitar that interchange, the piano gives a lighter touch, while the Synth make precise and never intrusive interventions, one of the most remarkable things of the track are the bass lines that together with the battery creates a rhythmic session with various tempo changes. After a tune of 8 and the other of 10 minutes, “Kingdom Of Silence” of almost 5, does not lower the tones however, showing the symphonic and melodic vein of the band. A great detachment before “Cyclothymia”, a track that exceeds 14 minutes, rich in tempo variations, with the Synth always in evidence and by the definitely more pressing rhythm of the previous one, in fact as in the album the bass-drums is high leveled combination. The 5th song “Fluorescent Dream scape – Part One”, first of two parts, after a soft intro, takes on darker tones, but with a vocal that alternates more symphonic moments with darker ones, excellent however this theme variation, all the album is made by elaborated and very good compositions. Let’s now pass to the suite of 20:54 min, which in addition to summarizing the concepts of Pinn Dropp, enhances its qualities, the beginning is calm and melodious with a good melody of strings and the voice that alternates a clean singing with another with electronic effects. Time, however, changes abruptly in a succession of linear and syncopated rhythms with a clear ’70s style, with the acoustic and electric interchanges that is completed with the bass lines and the melodies from the keyboards. One of those cases where the playing time is fully exploited to develop the song, without leaving empty moments or too dispersive spaces, also this test have a positive response. The second part of “Fluorescent Dreamscape” completes the good work done in the first, acoustic guitar, strings, piano and melodic singing are the ingredients of this song which turns out to be the worthy conclusion of both the first part and the album. The record as the band are an excellent new proposal and they have shown it, we hope to confirm in the future what is good about this album. Released in December 2018 for Music & More Records and available in both CD and Digital, it is recommended for Symphonic Prog lovers, the good level and the balance between melodies and accelerations will surely make the record appreciated by a wider audience.


01. Significant Someone (08:07)
02. Unresolved (10:03)
03. Kingdom of Silence (04:56)
04. Cyclothymia (14:31)
05. Fluorescent Dreamscape – part one (05:17)
06. Perfectly Flawed (20:54)
07. Fluorescent Dreamscape – part two (07:21)


Piotr Sym / Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards
Mateusz Jagiełło / Vocals & Keyboards
Paweł Woliński / Bass Guitar
Dariusz Piwowarczyk / Drums, Sample, Programming, Rhythm Guitar

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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