[Review] 1000Mods – Youth of Dissent

1000Mods is a Stoner Metal/Rock band from Chiliomodi, Greece formed in 2006, which mixes influences from historical bands like Black Sabbath or MC5 with those of more recent bands like Stone Temple Pilots and Foo Fighters. Their discography includes a couple of singles, 3 EPs and 4 Full-Lengths, the latest being “Youth of Dissent,” released on April 24, 2020. The album released on Ouga Booga And The Mighty Oug Recordings, contains 11 tracks which stylistically they differ from the original sounds of the band, generating conflicting opinions between fans and critics. The opener “Lucid” introduces us to the album with energetic rhythm sessions and riffs, where the sound influences of the 90s are marked, as well as the stylistic change of the band. “So Many Days” is darker in melodies, creating a mysterious atmosphere on a mid-tempo rhythm and solid bass lines. Here the band returns to what were the sounds that have distinguished them previously, with an engaging vocal effect. A good, heavy and dark track with several tempo changes and guitar inserts that increase its value. “Warped” features strong riffs that are closer to Nu Metal in style, and the vocal also comes close to that kind of sound. The overlapping guitar layers and the percussive rhythm change in the middle of the song are good, then return to the main theme and close. “Dear Herculine“, which tells the true story of Herculine Barbin, was a French pseudo-hermaphrodite, who was given the female sex at birth due to a variation of the genitals, but who was ordered by court to assume gender and male name after puberty. When he committed suicide he left a famous memorial, translated into many languages. The song is again characterized by a dark atmosphere, built around riffs and guitar solo inserts, which tell the story precisely. “Less Is More” features layers of Punk-like guitar, less distortion inserts and other soloists overlapping creating this atmosphere that takes us back to the 90s. The second part, a little more elaborate than the first, however, does not present that twitch or that high note that perhaps is missing in a piece like this, remaining in my opinion not very effective. “21st Space Century” is a 1:57 minute interlude with a strong presence of drums and a carpet of effect and atmospheric electric guitar, very psychedelic. “Pearl” is a pulled song with sharp guitar riffs on which the characteristic singing is inserted that alternates softer moments with others more decisive and incisive. The solo part of the guitar is definitely a highlight of the track that closes one of the best moments of the album. “Blister” is another lively and energetic song, where the riffs with 90s tendencies stand out and contaminate the sound with a Punk touch, evident also in the vocals. The guitar is always a great protagonist both in the riffs and in the short solo, to then return to the singing and accompany us at the end of the song. “Young” is characterized by deep bass lines, arpeggios and guitar riffs that intertwine creating a good musical carpet on which a more expressive vocal is inserted. It is the longest track on the album, and also one of the best, in terms of drafting and development, with the intensity increasing with the passing of the minutes. There is also a pleasant guitar solo that opens the second half of the song, and then accelerates and builds up the energy with a tighter second solo, a good test. “Dissent” is tight and powerful in the rhythm session, while the general atmosphere is dark with sharp and heavy riffs at certain moments. The vocal also adapts to the darkness of the track, for one of the heaviest moments on the album, a massive and granite track, perhaps the most Stoner of all the work. Closes the album “Mirrors” which is the second for duration, and also has two sections that differ a little from each other while remaining complementary. The first that starts with heavy riffs and a rhythm very close to Stoner or Desert Rock, slow and that seems to trudge, in the positive sense of the term. The vocal is also themed with the music, while the second part begins with an increase in the intensity and speed of the rhythmic session, with a good dose of drums in the drum. The snare drum prepares us for the musical explosion, which occurs with a powerful piece very close to the sounds of the late 90s Stoner, with a hypnotic and penetrating bass and a guitar of fine workmanship. Another track that together with the previous one brings us back to the real terrain of the Stoner in the old way. An album that at times traces the sounds of the 90s taking inspiration from both the Stoner and the Alternative Heavy Rock, adding here and there some personal ideas. Overall a smooth listening, but for those who have followed the band for some time, it will be a slight step backwards, not fully respecting expectations. Halfway between the two genres, it leaves us with something incomplete, perhaps with an addition of that personal touch that has distinguished the previous works it would certainly have been more pleasant and better successful. Technically however it remains well executed, but that with compositions that lack incisiveness and originality, a band of their experience we know can do more.


01. Lucid
02. So Many Days
03. Warped
04. Dear Herculine
05. Less Is More
06. 21st Space Century
07. Pearl
08. Blister
09. Young
10. Dissent
11. Mirrors


Dani G. / Bass, Vocals
Giannis S. / Guitars
George T. / Guitars
Labros G. / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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