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Alessandro Corvaglia is the unmistakable voice of numerous groups and projects related to Italian and international Progressive Rock such as Delirium, La Maschera di Cera, Hostsonaten and Mr. Punch. In 2006 he started writing the 10 tracks that make up his solo debut, completed in 2020 and released via AMS Records on September 3, 2021. Available on CD and Digital, “Out Of The Gate” embodies the essence of 70s-inspired Prog Rock with melodies and arrangements rich in nuances. The “Promised Land” opener immediately plunges us into the Prog atmospheres, dear to the artist, with valuable synth cues, a solid and elaborate session. The vocal is intense, warm and expressive, while in the central part a wind insert takes the sound to another level. The lyrics deal with a very topical theme such as that of the journeys that migrants face to the “promised land” to seek a better life. A good start that immediately puts us at ease, with a refrain that remains etched in the mind. “The Night of the Eyes” begins with darker sounds of keyboard, guitar and deep bass, where the structure is more intricate than the previous one. A cutting electric guitar is inserted and this short visionary journey begins, between refined sounds and dilated and dreamy atmospheres. The intensity increases with the passage of the piece, which enhances the individual technique of the artists involved, an instrumental track full of pathos. Another song from the current and critical theme towards the world of “bloggers” is “Preaching on line,” where we find some interesting synth ideas reminiscent of the Italian Prog of the ’70s. The vocal evidence is solid, as well as the development of the piece is enriched by tempo changes. Alessandro is very skilled in interpreting the lyrics with passion, always giving his personal touch, thanks also to his unmistakable timbre perfect for this kind of music. The instrumental parts are of a high level, alternating more symphonic parts with harder ones, with pleasant keyboard inserts, another successful and engaging piece. “… And the Lady came in” is one of the shortest in duration and one of the autobiographical tracks, characterized by softer melodies with mixtures of piano and acoustic guitar. The atmospheres are sweet and dreamy, where in the central part the flute intertwines with the keyboards, creating a pleasant and intense instrumental passage. A nice intro of synths and massive guitar riffs and kicks off “White Ghosts” which is another critique of modern society and the absurd conflicts affecting humanitarian institutions by destroying hospitals or other building structures. The voice and the music are very incisive and powerful, but the theme requires it and the artists are ready. Everything is in its place and the song is conceived and performed also giving space to a long instrumental section in the second part, and then concluding with the last vocal verse, a truly exquisite section of the album. Characterized by more electronic sounds than keyboard in the first part “Vision” is a track that plays on vocal intertwining with Alessandro who duets with a fine female voice. The sung and instrumental parts divide the timing of the piece, which in the second part leaves freedom of expression to the keyboards that guide us to the finale with delicate melodies. “A Deed within a Dream” is the first of two tributes to guitarist Gordon Giltrap, in this case it is an unreleased song that begins with acoustic guitar arpeggios. The track develops with intertwining keyboards and guitar, deep bass lines and a solid rhythmic session. Symphonic and with a baroque touch, we are faced with a class piece, with refined phrasing and harmonious melodies. “Where have I been?” it begins with a warm vocal by Alessandro on dreamy guitar arpeggios and a sweet flute. As the track scrolls, the deep and enveloping bass is inserted first, followed by percussive sounds. The intensity increases with the passing of the minutes, thanks also to the very intense vocal rehearsal, which alternates with instrumental parts of absolute level. At the end, a sound explosion with the entrance of the drum closes the track in crescendo, a real pleasure to listen to tracks like this. The other song related to Giltra is “12 Towers” a song that Gordon himself has given to Corvaglia on the occasion of this album. Very delicate and harmonious interlacing of piano, flute and guitar arpeggios lull us for just over 2 minutes. The album ends with the title track “Out of the Gate” which is also the longest, exceeding 11 minutes in duration. A symphonic beginning with keyboards in evidence and a clear Prog structure, Alessandro’s voice arrives on time and accompanies us along this suite with retro flavors. The artist wanted to conclude with an epic that enhances both the vocal and instrumental qualities of the other artists involved, to listen to and listen to again, giving us very pleasant ideas and emotions at every listening. A track that recalls the long suites of the golden years of Prog, with a perfect balance between sung parts and instrumental sections, leaving us with excellent sensations and with the desire to re-listen to this excellent album. Alessandro Corvaglia proposes his first solo album on which he worked for 15 years, inserting all his passion and experience gained over the years. His vocal timbre, which at times recalls Gabriel and Fish, is always very intense and is certainly an added value, assisted by instrumental parts played with technique and quality. A listening recommended for all lovers of Progressive sounds, who will find here everything you are looking for in a Prog album, refinement, intensity and high-level sound phrasing. To listen and listen again this is certainly one of the best releases that Italy has offered in recent times, congratulations to the artists involved in this project and to Alessandro, expectations have been fully respected.


01. Promised Land (04:33)
02. The Night of the Eyes (04:11)
03. Preaching on line (07:26)
04. … and the Lady came in (02:53)
05. White Ghosts (07:18)
06. Vision (05:08)
07. A Deed within a Dream (04:17)
08. Where have I been? (06:13)
09. 12 Towers (02:10)
10. Out of the Gate (11:41)

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