[Review] Michele “Dr. Viossy” Vioni – The Adventure So Far

Michele Vioni a.k.a. Dr. Viossy is an Italian guitar coach who boasts collaborations with important projects of the modern music scene. Guitarist of Michele Luppi (Whitesnake), Dyanonymous, Vivaldi Metal Project, solo artist, recording artist, producer and Youtuber. He is also a world-renowned session player and the most clicked Italian Rock/Metal guitarist on YouTube with over 130,000 subscribers on his channel. The solo debut entitled “The Adventure So Far” was released on October 16, 2020 via Wanikiya Record and contains 10 tracks of various genres, which enhance the copmpositive and executive skills of the artist, who plays all instruments. The “Ekphrasis” opener starts with pompous orchestrations and a slow rhythm session, the guitar inserts are soft and very clean in playing. The intensity increases with the passage of the song, a mix of technique and dreamy atmospheres that shows a softer and more emotional facet of his style. “The Beautiful Unrest Of The Soul” is a totally different approach, with very tight rhythms and melodies with a clear Metal stamp. Continuous tempo changes, a very elaborate structure and the magical notes of Dr. who delights in guitar and synth soloist interweaving of the highest level. The track is not only a technical exercise for virtuosos but it presents sonic plots of extreme Progressive Metal, very well articulated and pleasant. Repeated notes in pine introduce “Prima Ballerina” which develops on an intricate Metal theme, with massive guitar riffs on which pulled lead parts are inserted. Michele has a very refined technique and an always clean sound with sophisticated but at the same time accessible interventions, making everything simple even the most complex phrasing. A very intense song with the guitar as the only protagonist, with less tempo changes and much more space for virtuosity, very interesting. The fourth track “All I Knead Iz U !! 1!” it is less difficult than the title, very sweet in the melodies, with a slow rhythm and with a symphonic background that lays the foundations for intense guitar inserts. In this piece, Dr. Viossysi’s technique adapts to the softer atmospheres of the first part, and then increases the intensity in the second with a heavier riff and a tighter but still emotional solo. “Entertrain” is the shortest track of the album and as a guest on bass we find Giorgio “JT” Terenziani, who supports Michele in this pyrotechnic passage. I would define this piece as short but intense, a concentrate of power and superfine technique with rhythms and melodies pulled to the nth degree, where the two musicians have fun proposing very complicated virtuous sound mixes. One of the things that struck me is the ease and precision with which all the instruments are played that alternate in solos with a unique technique. In “Transcendence” we find the other guest of the album, Paolo Caridi at the drum who offers us one of his performances of absolute quality. The track develops a soft but very elaborate theme, with attention to detail, fills and a search for high-level sounds. The understanding between the two musicians is palpable, and the result is superfine, demonstrating that even without exceeding the speed but taking care of the details and above all having good ideas the result is excellent. Listening to tracks like this makes you understand how there are top level musicians who have a lot to give to music. “Noble Reasons” starts with a very delicate sweet and dreamy classical guitar, but around the first minute the music changes dramatically. Heavy electric guitar riffs, a massive modern-day Metal rhythm session that well supports continuous tempo changes. In the middle it returns to being softer with a fine interweaving of lead guitar and keyboards, while in the final it increases the intensity with more Heavy phrasing. A very well elaborated passage, where softer sections alternate with sudden accelerations of Metal leaving great space once again for Michele’s great technique. In “One Hundred And One Odobenus Rosmarus” he immediately begins strong with an intertwining of guitar virtuosities with incredible speed and remarkable clean sound. The track is Metal and Viossy here recalls the sounds proposed by the masters of the genre such as Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, with the guitar always pulled to the maximum offering dizzying solos. Ambient keyboards open “Mummies Euphoria” and then develop a track around emotional guitar inserts that fit into a constantly changing structure. More airy openings characterize some changes, while other passages are more intricate and at times stretched. A track with fresh and flowing sounds, full of positive melodies that in the end closes with a darker touch and more futuristic sounds, very pleasant. The last song “The Adventure So Far” gently concludes the album, where the soft atmospheres are full of emotion, showing once again the versatility of the artist who is skilled even in the softest songs. Very intense, the solo keeps the concentration high and cradles the listener, the orchestral keyboards create the right atmosphere to conclude an excellent work. Maestro Michele Vioni offers a very interesting debut album, a concentration of power and technique that alternate with more delicate songs. The compositions are very articulated and enhance the talents of the artist, capable of playing all the instruments with mastery and ease. The guitar is always at the center of the project, the proof is very convincing, solid and offers high-level ideas reminiscent of the masters of the genre. An absolutely recommended listening where Michele is able to use his superfine technique to create intense and emotional tracks that make you want to listen to the disc again. With a debut album like this, we hope to hear more albums soon.


01. Ekphrasis (4:42)
02. The Beautiful Unrest Of The Soul (3:34)
03. Prima Ballerina (4:22)
04. All I Knead Iz U!!1! (5:56)
05. Entertrain (feat. Giorgio “JT” Terenziani) (3:34)
06. Transcendence (feat. Paolo Caridi) (7:12)
07. Noble Reasons (6:12)
08. One Hundred And One Odobenus Rosmarus (4:58)
09. Mummies Euphoria (7:33)
10. The Adventure So Far (6:43)


Michele “Viossy” Vioni / Guitars, Bass, Synth, Drums

Giorgio “JT” Terenziani / Bass in “Entertrain
Paolo Caridi / Drums in “Transcendence

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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