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Ataräxia is a Spanish Progressive Rock band active between 2006 and 2011, before returning to the scene in 2018. During their first period of activity they released two EPs, one self-titlede and a demo, offering a sound halfway between Power and Prog Metal. Their debut album “Ataräxia,” released on December 18, 2020 offers a decidedly more mature sound and close to Progressive Rock, with compositions with an elaborate structure. Containing 9 tracks of medium length, the album is available in CD and Digital version and thanks to the new technologies it presents excellent audio quality, considerably better than the two previous releases. Two years spent perfecting the tracks and recording this album, a time that paid off, allowing the Iberian band to offer a quality album full of interesting and well-developed ideas. If the two previous EPs showed a more powerful and impactful sound with Metal traits, this record is softer, giving more space to symphonic openings and a choral Prog structure. In addition to the music, a special mention must be made of the sung, thanks to a warm and full-bodied vocal that best suits the various situations that the music offers. Despite this sonic transformation passing to a more symphonic sound, the band does not disdain some more Heavy inserts which are still pleasant while still functional to the development of some songs. The Spanish mold of sounds blends with a solid and elaborate Prog, bringing a breath of freshness and offering something original with very precise and personal distinctive characters. The rhythmic session plays a decisive role, rich in tempo changes and with supporting bass lines creating the basis on which the phrasing between the guitars and keyboards are drawn. Without too many virtuosities for their own sake, the sound of this band is a choral ensemble of all the instruments that collaborate equally to the success of the final product. A listening recommended for all lovers of modern Prog sounds with melodic features and a good female vocal sung in Spanish. Certainly a convincing proof from this band, which bodes well for future releases and that at the end of this pandemic period it will be interesting to listen live. The maturation process of these artists seems to be well underway and the final product is an engaging and enjoyable album with some really interesting ideas, especially in the longer tracks, where their sound ideas are developed with more freedom.


01.En la inmensidad (07:50)
02.Mojando la cordura (06:17)
03.Susurros (03:45)
04.Ruinas (04:39)
05.Numen (01:18)
06.Preludio a la luz (04:52)
07.El sonido del tiempo (06:41)
08.Intervalo (06:29)
09.Nunca más (03:25)


Julia Samadhi / Voice and Piano
Jose Toothless / Drums
Francisco Fernández / Bass
Alberto Donado / Keyboards
Juan Velázquez / Guitar
José Ramón Muñoz / Guitar

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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