[Review] Avant Guardian – Insurgency EP

Avant Guardian is an American band of Prog / Power Metal, formed in 2009 in Los Angeles. They released two EPs and a Full-Length, displaying a massive and elaborate sound. ‘Insurgency EP’ was released on October 23, 2019, self-released, deals with issues such as oppression and the exploitation of the masses. This work shows a mature sound, which added further Progressive and heavier characters, continuing to perfect their sounds. The ‘Outcry’ opener starts with a keyboard arpeggio, which immediately leaves the field to an accelerated guitar riff with a solid bass-drum base. It’s not the usual Power, but the time changes and the inserts of keyboards that intertwine on the guitar make the sound more complete and elaborate. The vocal is melodic and interprets the phases of the piece well, with choral features. In the instrumental part the theme is elaborated on several rhythms and a good guitar solo and a synth one interchange, with the return of the main theme the piece closes. Orchestrations and a female choir characterize the whole of ‘Ode To the Fallen,’ a solid guitar enters and on this excellent musical mat a melodic voacal is inserted. Also, this song is well elaborated with accelerate and softer moments that alternate, giving a symphonic touch to the sound. In closing, another 2 solo, with synths and guitars that interchange before the closing line. ‘Reincarnation’ opens with a soft piano and dreamy orchestrations, so the instruments enter and the track develops on more elaborate rhythms with a massive symphonic dose. The passages between synth and guitar are high level, and in this instrumental all the artists involved are freer to express their talent. Time change and the intensity increases with the passing of minutes, one of the best moment of the EP. The final ‘The Letter Lives On’ begins with an orchestral rug and electric guitar with melancholy tones, and then explodes with an accelerated Power. The guitar is the protagonist in the initial phase and the bass draws powerful lines, enters the vocal at times choral and epic. Rhythms are drawn, with the orchestral background of the supporting keyboard. Good changes that alternate between linear and more elaborate rhythms, between accelerated and slowing down, the development of the instrumental part is another excellent moment of the album. With an epic chorus that brings us back to the initial theme, they close the song and the EP. Four songs that bring a breath of fresh air to the Power/Prog scene, highlighting the excellent guitar-keyboard duo, creating elaborate and never banal melodies. A young band, which therefore has time and space to release all its expressiveness, the Prog influences are more marked than in previous works, even if the setting remains tied to Power Metal. A disc recommended for lovers of the genre, even if more progressive palates will appreciate ideas and elaboration.


  1. Outcry (05:36)
  2. Ode to the Fallen (05:31)
  3. Reincarnation (05:00)
  4. The Letter Lives On (06:34)


Denny Ramirez / Drums
Ryan Iyengar / Keyboards
Luis Nunez / Bass
Will Salazar / Guitars

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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