[Review] Bevar Sea – The Timeless Zone

Bevar Sea is an Indian band from Bangalore that offers Stoner/Doom Metal sounds, one of the main ones on the scene of their country. After 5 years of silence, the band released on February 04, 2022 a new album “The Timeless Zone” via Metal Assault Records and containing 6 long-running tracks. The album opens with “The Timeless Zone” an energetic and engaging track that immediately plunges us into the musical atmosphere of the band. A mixture of Metal traits, a dirty and aggressive vocal, with a retro touch and forays into Doom, between a solid rhythm session and heavy guitar interweaving with a more classic setting. The central instrumental section is interesting with solo guitar inserts, then returning to the initial theme and closing with the last verses sung. Continaundo on the sounds of the previous one, “Alpha None” is characterized by granite guitar riffs and a Metal attitude, on a solid rhythmic session. The aggressive singing interprets the piece well, which develops with another good instrumental section in the central part. “Sterilise The Divide” opens with heavy guitar riffs and a darker atmosphere, with powerful but slower drumming than the previous ones. With a more Doom sound, it develops the theme with more space for the instrumental parts with good guitar textures between solos and successful and engaging riffs. Returning to sounds closer to classic Heavy Metal with forays into Doom “The Circle” is characterized by tempo changes and a more elaborate structure. With valuable instrumental parts, which enhance both the compositional and executive technique of the band, it shows a different facet of the band’s sound, more refined and original. A deep bass line and drumming open “Kiss The Sigh,” markedly Doom, managing to combine the more traditional sounds with the modern ones and their personal touch. From the slower rhythm, with well-executed riffs and guitar textures on which the vocal is inserted as always dirty and aggressive. A track that shows how the band also has a more modern touch and in line with today’s releases of the genre. The longer track “Cadaver Awake” closes the album, continuing on the more Doom style of the band’s sound with heavy, dark guitar riffs and an aggressive vocal. Alternating vocal and instrumental parts, the track evolves with good guitar inserts, scratchy and intense, and then in the final close with an acoustic guitar arpeggio. An album that combines classic Heavy Metal traits with Doom sounds, mixing retro and modern traits with the personal touch of the band. Solid rhythmic sessions and heavy riffs with an aggressive and dirty vocals are the main ingredients of their sound, with a dark atmosphere in some passages. A listening recommended for lovers of the more Metal sound of Doom, solid and with incisive instrumental sections with good solo parts.


01. The Timeless Zone (08:32)
02. Alpha None (05:22)
03. Sterilise The Divide (08:36)
04. The Circle (09:07)
05. Kiss The Sigh (06:12)
06. Cadaver Awake (09:50)


Ganesh Krishnaswamy / Vocals
Srikanth Panaman / Guitars
Rahul Chacko / Guitars
Avinash Ramchander / Bass, Backing Vocals
Deepak Raghu / Drums

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