[Review] High Castle Teleorkestra – The Egg That Never Opened

High Castle Teleorkestra is a band from Colorado, USA with a very eclectic and original style, difficult to catalog that unsice Experimental, 70s Italian Cinematic. After two years of work they released “The Egg That Never Opened” on June 17, 2022 via Art As Catharsis and it contains 10 medium-length tracks. A very technical band, which likes to explore unconventional sounds, revisiting and combining very different musical genres. Intricate textures. and rhythms with the use of innovative odd meters, with a wide range of instruments and effects that modulate the sounds. With an Experimental imprinting, they manage to combine Folk, the cinematic sounds of the Italian 70s soundtracks and traditional European music, with a modern touch and Progressive hints. Original and with personal features, managing to combine fresh and modern sounds with those of the various genres touched during the course of the disc. An energetic album, with very technical and refined passages, creating long instrumental parts that allow you to create very intense tracks. With a rich guest section in addition to an already excellent lineup, these artists enhance their characteristics and technique both in the compositional and executive parts. A listening recommended to all those looking for something different and original, whose genre is difficult to catalog as the Experimental component and the exploration of unconventional, technical and refined sounds.


01. The Egg That Never Opened (05:16)
02. Ich Bin’s 03:39
03. The Aramchek Accusation 03:25
04. Valisystem A 05:08
05. At Last He Will 05:40
06. The Days of Blue Jeans Were Gone 04:04
07. Diagnosing Johnny 07:54
08. Placentia 03:55
09. Klawpeels: Mission Checkup 03:33
10. Mutual Hazard 05:40


Chris Bogen / Guitars, Keyboards, Lap Steel (1,4,7,9), Melodica (2), Noise Collages (1, 5, 8, 9)
Stian Carstensen / Accordion, Pedal Steel (1,2,4,9), Vocals (1), Rhythm Guitar (10)
Timba Harris / Violin, Viola
Bär McKinnon / Tenor Sax, Flute, Clarinet, Vocals (3,4), Keyboards
Dave Murray / Drums (1, 2, 3, 5, 10)
Tim Smolens / Standup Bass, Electric Basses, Cello, Vocals (1, 4, 7), Grand Piano, Keyboards

Sai Boag
/ Synth (3)
Danny Heifetz / Drums, Vibraphone (4)
Pieta Hextall / bassoon (4)
Luke Kirley / Trombone (1), Tuba (1, 2)
Giani Lincan / Cimbalom (10)
Monica Ludekens / French Horn (4)
Vinnie “Saturn” Metts / Drums (9), Vibraphone (8)
Caitlin O’Connor / Vocals (1, 3, 5, 6, 7)
George “GoPo” Phillips / Noise Collage: Alligator People (8)
Rory Reagan / Drums (2, 6, 7, 8)
Federico Randazzo / Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet (1, 7)
Adam Stacey / Accordion (7)
Jason Usry / Noise Collage: Weirdy Phaser (8)
Jarle Vespestad / Extra Drums and Percussion (10)
Antonie Veskovski / Vibraphone (8)
John Whooley / Tenor and Alto Saxophones (10)
Georgi Yanev / Lead Violin (10)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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