[Review] Black Tongue Reverend – Northern Burden

Black Tongue Reverend is a band from the North of New York that offers Heavy Psychedelia with Blues hues, tracing the sounds of the late 60s and early 70s. Their debut EP “Northern Burden” was released on February 27, 2022 and contains 4 tracks ranging in length from 4 to 5 minutes. The opening track “Texas Freeze” begins with granite guitar riffs and a solid rhythm session, immediately immersing us in the bluesy sounds of the band. The vocal is warm and expressive and the sound is guided by the guitar with references to the golden years of the genre and an American touch. Well composed and performed, it is an engaging piece that alternates with the right space sung parts and instrumental sessions with good solo guitar cues. The title track “Northern Burden” shows a more Rock facet of the band’s sound, with a granite guitar and a vocal closer to Psychedelia. The references to the Blues are less marked, but still give an added value to the song, which combines the tradition of the genre with a modern and personal touch. The rhythm session is massive with deep, driving bass lines, while the guitar drives the sound while also offering a good lead insert. “Double Vision” opens with a hypnotic and elaborate bass line on which the drumming and the guitar enter with scratchy and enveloping inserts. This track blends the Psychedelic and Blues traits of the band in the best possible way, bringing us with our minds to the pleasant atmosphere of the late 60s. The work of the guitar is of exquisite workmanship both in the melodic line and in the instrumental section with a good solo, intense and refined. The concluding track “Chewing Stones” is also the longest in duration and begins with another hypnotic bassline and solid, linear drumming. The guitar immediately offers a solo cue, while the sound evolves with a harder and darker touch than the previous ones. More Psychedelic and references to Stoner, it follows the most modern sounds of the genre, concluding in the second part with a good electric guitar solo. A good debut EP for this band that offers a granite sound that mixes Heavy Psych with Blues, passing through Stoner, managing to bring the atmosphere of the past into a modern and personal context. The guitar guides the sound, while the rhythm session is massive with leading bass lines, managing to give the right space to the good vocals and instrumental sections. A listening recommended for lovers of the late 60s sounds of Psychedelia with Blues features, re-proposed with the personal and modern touch of the band.


01. Texas Freeze (05:22)
02. Northern Burden (04:05)
03. Double Vision (05:10)
04. Chewing Stones (05:28)


Eric Tulip / Bass, Vocals
Mike Errichetto / Guitar
Geoff Gorman / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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